YouTube Best Practices

YouTube Best Practices — What to Expect from YouTube in 2022

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YouTube has been making lots of changes to its platform to remain relevant in this TikTok era. Whether you personally still use YouTube or not, it remains the number one site for video searches. Keep reading to discover the latest platform updates and more YouTube best practices for 2022.

YouTube Best Practices

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Here’s what your brand needs to know about YouTube’s new features:

YouTube Shorts

YouTube has introduced short-form video content known as YouTube Shorts. These videos can be up to 15 seconds long and edited within the app or uploaded as pre-recorded content. YouTube Shorts have even replaced their ‘Explore’ tab to get more users to use this feature. In May of this year, YouTube even announced the YouTube Shorts Fund. This exciting initiative aims to bring new creators to the app and reward those with the most engaging videos. YouTube also encourages using Shorts to tease upcoming videos and new content.


Ever wanted to know exactly where to skip to in a YouTube video? Well, now you can! YouTube has introduced Chapters, a new feature that allows users to move forward to a specific part of a video. Users will be able to see a full list of all the chapters in the video’s description. Users will now be able to quickly access the information they need or rewatch the part of a video they enjoy most.

Live Streams & Premieres 

Live stream content has started gaining popularity amongst the gaming community on YouTube. Live streams allow creators to interact with users in real-time. Creators can see people’s comments as well as respond to them while they are live. The Premiere feature does this with pre-recorded content. Scheduling content as a ‘Premiere’ allows creators to be on their account as a video goes live to respond to comments in real-time. This is a great way to engage with users as a brand where there is no sole creator but a team. The comments and replies exchanged during the Premiere will be saved and seen afterward by the users watching later.

Community Tab

YouTube has created a ‘Community’ tab. This can be found on a creator’s homepage; the option is on the bar once you scroll to the right. Creators can now interact with their subscribers with polls, text, images, videos, and GIFs. Imagine tweets but for YouTube. When you post content here, subscribers who have their notifications turned on will be notified.

But what do people actually want to watch??


How-to guides, tutorials, product reviews, vlogs, and unboxing videos are all in the top twelve list of most popular video content on YouTube. This could be useful for users who already have a base on another platform or YouTube itself. Creators who are looking to create new content should post videos within these categories. For brands, including creators and their products name in the title would be a good way to get new users to watch.

It’s important to note that brands should be posting on other platforms to get people engaged enough to want to watch videos that are 10-25 minutes long. Using TikTok or YouTube Shorts to introduce your long content can be one way to go.

YouTube is and will remain relevant for the foreseeable future. Creators and brands must keep updated with the latest platform updates to get their content out there successfully. Video content is just getting started! Let’s all figure it out together.


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