5 tips for working from home

5 Tips for Working From Home

Last updated on: 2020

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Within the past few months, we have found ourselves adapting to what many are calling, “the new normal.” To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’re staying inside as much as possible. That means working remotely. For some, this may be a dream come true; for others, it may be a struggle. Of course, working from home has its perks, like new furry co-workers, skipping traffic, and a comfy casual dress code. However, it can also be stressful and distracting at times.

Check out these tips to help you increase productivity while working from home.

5 tips for working from home

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  1. Maintain a morning routine

Before quarantine, you more than likely had a routine, and you didn’t realize it. If you were vibing to music on the way to work, I’m talking about you! We all love our beauty sleep, but don’t roll out of bed and immediately turn on your laptop. Instead, get your day started by making breakfast, listening to a podcast, getting an at-home workout in, and so on. Also, NO PJs! Getting dressed is an essential part of your morning routine. Even if you’re only changing into a fresh pair of leggings, it prepares your brain for the day.

  1. Continuing working regular hours

Just because your home all day, doesn’t mean you’re not working! The line between work and home can easily become blurry without a set schedule. From 9 am – 5:30 pm, I’m working! Communicate your hours with your family members or roommates to help create a boundary.  During the day, also make sure you are incorporating breaks to help your brain recharge and keep the creative juicy flowing properly.

  1. Find a workspace that’s your own

We’re trying to avoid creating a permanent indent on your couch. In a perfect world, working from a desk or in an at-home office is always the best choice. If that isn’t an option for you, try working from the kitchen table. No matter where you’re working space is, make sure it is a distraction-free zone. That means no Netflix in the background or anything else that may disrupt your workflow. Also, try to relax and eat your meals in a different area of your home. After a while, you might start to feel glued to your seat, and we don’t want that!

  1. Communication is Key

Lengthy emails are out. Where would we be without Zoom? Replacing face-to-face conversations with video chat tools is a MUST! Even though we are apart, it shouldn’t feel like it. Take the time to schedule meetings with your co-workers and check-in with one another. These meetings will help alleviate the lonely feeling and provide a better understanding of the tasks at hand.

Pro tip: While your new dress code may be comfy and casual, it is best to keep a blouse or collar shirt on hand for those surprise calls.

  1. Find time in the day for you!

You deserve to reward yourself after a day of hard work! Make time for the activities you enjoy. Whether that be your at-home workout routine, hanging out with your dog, watching your favorite show, or virtual happy hours with friends, continue to do the small things that bring you joy. Avoid feeling burnout by having an outlet outside of work.

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