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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Last updated on: 2023

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Celebrated on March 8, International Women’s Day––also known as IWD––is a day to honor the achievements of women around the world and raise awareness of continued gender inequality. Officially recognized in 1975 by the United Nations, IWD has become an international opportunity to reflect on how far women have come and the improvements that still need to be made.

At Taylor & Pond, strong women dominate the workplace. Collaborating with such intelligent and motivated individuals has been an incredibly empowering experience for me as a young professional; the women I work with genuinely inspire me to be a better version of myself every day. In celebration of International Women’s Day, I asked some of these lovely ladies to reflect on their experiences with beauty and their perceptions of the beauty industry.

Celebrating International Women's Day

How does the beauty industry empower women?

Taylor Niemi, Account Coordinator: I believe the beauty industry empowers women by allowing them to artistically express themselves, whether that be in the form of makeup, hair, skincare, nail art, or all of the above. Beauty provides an outlet for women to look and feel their best, and for no one else but themselves. Beauty brings women together over shared experiences, products, hacks or tips and tricks, events, and so much more. To me, empowerment means becoming stronger and more confident, claiming your rights, abilities, and independence; the beauty industry has been there, and continues to evolve, to equip us as women to boost our confidence, all while having fun and making connections.

Michelle Anuskiewicz, Senior Account Manager, Marketing & Development: The beauty industry empowers women to find passion and excitement in the things that intrigue them while making them feel like their best. Trying out new beauty products or mastering your beauty routine is like our form of the Superbowl – challenging, exciting, and rewarding. It allows us to create a community of women who share product recommendations and tips and tricks on how to achieve their perfect beauty routine.

Sam Hostetter, Production Coordinator: I love how the beauty industry, especially as of recent, is really focused on showcasing diverse women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, sizes, age groups, etc. It is so exciting to see models in beauty campaigns who look like I have always looked growing up. I also love the way in which there is such a large beauty community on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram that haver created these little communities. I think it is so uplifting to bond with other women about something as simple as using the same mascara or sharing our favorite lip products. It’s so fun! 

Chloe Kullander, Email Marketing Specialist: In more recent years, I have seen a massive shift in the meaning behind empowerment in beauty. Historically, the beauty industry profited greatly off of the insecurities of women, catalyzed by unfair comparisons and unrealistic beauty standards. Recently though there has been a shift. Instead of empowering women to be insecure, we are now empowering women to love exactly who they are. The mass diversification and implementation of all skin, body, hair, and culture types into modern advertising has added a level of representation that we have never seen before, and refreshing is an understatement. To see the beauty of all types of women highlighted across the industry has empowered women to embrace exactly who they are, as they are, and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Celebrating International Women's Day

Who in your life first introduced you to your favorite beauty product?

Taylor Niemi, Account Coordinator: My mom first introduced me to beauty when I was a little girl as she would always be styling my hair and doing my makeup for fun events or dance competitions. Some notable products I remember always trying to steal from her were her MAC eyeshadows and lipsticks. I loved playing with all the fun colors and playing dress up just to be like her!

Michelle Anuskiewicz, Senior Account Manager, Marketing & Development: My mom and sister were the first people in my life to show me beauty products and how to use them. Once they taught me a little bit about them, I went on YouTube and found my love for the beauty industry and all of the products/tips and tricks and influencers to help guide and teach me the most perfect beauty routine!

Rebecca Peele, Director of Retention Marketing: My sister used to do winged eyeliner with the NYX liquid eyeliner, and I of course had to follow suit as her little sister. I still to this day rock my wings almost every time I wear makeup, and I still LOVE that product.

Chloe Kullander, Email Marketing Specialist: Like most women, my mother was the first to introduce me to the world of beauty. I remember sitting in her bathroom and watching in awe as she applied mascara, wondering how it wasn’t painful and hoping I would be as good as her one day. Now, working at a beauty agency, I apply that same mascara every day and I can’t help but think of her.

Sam Hostetter, Production Coordinator: When I was younger, probably in middle school, I would always ask to borrow my moms mascaras or have her do my makeup. She introduced me to some of my favorite mascaras and eye products that I still use to this day. As of more recent, I would say my friends have done a great job at influencing me on different kinds of products, from face cleansers to liquid blushes and probably everything in between! 

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