woman-owned brands we love

Woman-Owned Brands We Love

Last updated on: 2023


Who run the world? Girls. We know this––Beyoncé told us back in 2011, and a decade later, Kamala Harris is proving her point from the White House. Everywhere we look, strong and intelligent women are breaking glass ceilings and changing the world.

At Taylor & Pond, we are proud to be a female-founded company that employs dozens of exceptional women and works with many woman-owned brands closely. We’re not playing favorites (okay, maybe a little bit), but we feel fortunate to call these brands our partners.

Here’s an overview of a few woman-owned brands that are slaying the beauty industry!

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Founded in 2022 by American singer/songwriter Ciara, OAM––which stands for ‘On a Mission’––is a clinical skincare line with big dreams and a bright future. According to the leading lady herself, “I founded OAM as a clinical collaboration with a team of skincare experts, research scientists, dermatologists, and an MIT engineer. We’re on a mission to create a simple routine for all skin tones.” In an interview with Uptown Magazine, Ciara added that what sets OAM apart from other celebrity skincare lines is its commitment to addressing the needs of melanated skin. In case you needed another reason to be obsessed with them, OAM’s Skincare Advisory Board consists entirely of women of color. So, yeah. It’s safe to say this company is automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, and all-around killing the game.


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House of Lashes

Hats off to Jenn Chiba for founding this absolute gem of a cosmetics company back in 2012. Like OAM, House of Lashes is rooted in the importance of diversity. “All my life, I always lived in cities that were multicultural and diverse,” Chiba explained. “Being a minority and seeing that we were underrepresented in the market…was my biggest inspiration to create House of Lashes. Where all are welcome. The goal was to make lashes that truly complement all.” And that’s exactly what she did––Chiba’s unique lashes are designed to complement a wide variety of eye shapes at affordable prices. For customers who need help figuring out which lash style is right for them, House of Lashes offers a comprehensive Lash Quiz on its website. Among many other accolades, Chiba’s brand is also the first 100% cruelty-free lash brand on the market. Pretty fabu-lash, if you ask us.


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For clean, plant-to-bottle formulas, look no further than Lan Belinsky’s natural skincare line. Born in Japan, Belinsky moved to the U.S. in her teens and co-created boscia in 2002 with her father, Gen Inomata. She now acts as the brand’s General Manager, fulfilling the pair’s shared dream of bringing Japanese-influenced skincare products stateside. “Clean skincare doesn’t have to be boring in order to be effective,” Belinsky said. “At boscia, we introduce innovative formats and textures to bring excitement to your daily routine because I believe skincare should be nontoxic, effective, and FUN!” From the start, boscia has been vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated for even the most sensitive skin types, making Belinsky’s brand a true pioneer in clean beauty.


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Westmore Beauty

Descending from a long line of beauty influencers and makeup artists, Westmore Beauty founder McKenzie Westmore brings her family’s legendary makeup skills and her own extensive knowledge of cosmetics to the table at this lady-led company. “Westmore Beauty is my second child,” the founder said in an interview with Digital Journal. “Blood, sweat, and tears go into every product that I bring to it. I believe in everything I put out wholeheartedly.” One of Westmore Beauty’s most successful products is its Body Coverage Perfector, a transfer-resistant, waterproof concealer designed to help reduce the appearance of age spots, scars, and pigmentation. In addition to overseeing her eponymous cosmetics brand, Westmore is a certified fitness trainer, actress, and mother to a teenage son. Talk about doing it all.


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Manic Panic

Self-described as “fiercely and independently women-owned and operated,” Manic Panic is the business brainchild of founders/sisters/singers/philanthropists Tish and Snooky Bellomo. Established in 1977, Manic Panic considers itself the beauty brand that “started the vivid hair color revolution in the USA.” Best known for its rainbow array of vegan and cruelty-free hair colors, Manic Panic also offers wigs, nail polish, and traditional makeup products including eyeliner, lipstick, and foundation. The Bellomo sisters are committed to giving back, with the Manic Panic website characterizing the brand as “charitable before it was lit.” According to the Manic Manifesto, “we donate as much as possible every year (a minimum of 15% of our net profits!) to various charities including BCRF, True Colors United, and The World Wildlife Fund.” Way to go, ladies.


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Although Bluemercury was acquired by Macy’s, Inc. in 2015, the inclusive cosmetics company was co-founded by Marla Beck and her husband, Barry, back in 1999. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Marla Beck also co-founded M61 Laboratories, “creating the clean, sustainable brands M-61 Skincare and Lune+Aster Cosmetics.” In keeping with the formidable achievements of its female founder, Bluemercury is committed to celebrating and promoting the achievements and expertise of women in the beauty industry. Its Founders Series features Q&As with dozens of female entrepreneurs who offer advice for “aspiring business moguls and much more.” In honor of Women’s History Month 2023, Bluemercury compiled its own comprehensive spotlight of some of its favorite women-owned beauty brands, which is well worth checking out.

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