How to Get Your Brand on Amazon

Three Reasons You Need to be Selling on Amazon

Last updated on: 2018


There are many factors that determine where and how you should sell your products. If you’re just starting out, don’t be intimidated by the sheer size of Amazon; in fact, let it excite you! You don’t have to be the biggest in the industry to be successful selling on Amazon.

Justin Boettcher, Senior Strategic Business Development Leader at Amazon points out the benefits of indie beauty brands selling on Amazon by saying: “Amazon Marketplace is a really good fit for indie beauty brands that are starting out because it’s a platform that allows you to scale, allows you to go to market pretty quickly, and lets you focus on your product development and your marketing, and really allows Amazon to take care of the operations and logistics”. (If you’d want to learn more about how Amazon is keeping smaller players in the game, check out this article on Amazon’s new Indie Beauty Shop that will be launching in June of this year.)

Are you wondering WHY you should sell on Amazon?

Well, there’s three very simple reasons: the sheer size of Amazon’s customer base, the exposure Amazon can offer and the credibility that goes hand in hand if you sell on Amazon.

Amazon’s Customer Base is ENORMOUS

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to hear that Amazon is the number one website in the world, with some of the most loyal customers. Though Amazon Prime statistics are rarely released, Jeff Bezos, CEO, Founder and Chairman of Amazon, recently revealed that the online subscription of Amazon Prime has more than 100 million members around the world. For those of you who are impressed by numbers, Amazon shipped more than five billion items through Prime in 2017. Numbers speak for themselves and this proves that you need to get your brand on Amazon if you want to get in on those sales numbers.

Amazon Has More Dedicated Customer Traffic Than Any Website in the World

Amazon can give your brand more exposure than your website could ever have the ability of. Amazon has some of the most loyal customers in the world with one of the largest subscription based programs: Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime members are often known to do all of their shopping on Amazon, because who is going to drive all the way to the store just to pick up a new shade of lipstick? This large marketplace has created a space that makes Prime members feel like they never need to enter a store again and instead can have everything delivered to their door. But what if a customer’s favorite lipstick is not an Amazon Prime product, but a similar one is? More often than not, the Amazon Prime member will choose this option to take advantage of free two-day shipping as well as the credibility that comes along with purchasing Amazon-fulfilled products.

Amazon Customers Trust Amazon

It’s safe to say that consumers typically feel more comfortable buying from a brand they recognize or have used before – enter Amazon! Amazon acts as the buffer between your brand and the Amazon Prime customer by giving you the credibility of having a product “sold [or fulfilled] by Amazon”. If your brand is still small, how are you directing traffic to your website? With Amazon, you don’t have to worry about directing traffic at all. The customers are already shopping on Amazon meaning Amazon will give your products impressions and sales that your website might not be able to by itself.

If you’re looking to drive sales, gain brand exposure and selling credibility, then what are you waiting for? Sign up to sell on Amazon today here!

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