wet n wild Beauty Goth-O-Graphic Spring Launch

Last updated on: 2018


Oh. My. GOTH! wet n wild Beauty has delivered yet another limited-edition collection that is breaking beauty trends. The limited-edition Goth-O-Graphic collection launched February 20th on wetnwildbeauty.com and will be available at mass retailers beginning March 1st. The collection is breaking away from the unicorn craze and entering an era where unicorns have perished, but their holographic shadows remain, resulting in an unexpectedly bold color statement.

The collection set can be purchased on wetnwildbeauty.com for $39.99, but only while supplies last. The complete collection set is comprised of:

In addition to swoon-worthy, pigmented pastel shades, the collection includes skull-adorned packaging. Very WILD!

Unicorn fatigues is amongst the community. Well, most of the community. Too Faced launched their Life’s a Festival Collection this February; a collection that is unicorn and rainbow driven. Evelyn Wang, senior vice president of marketing at wet n wild Beauty, tells Bustle that, “for every trend, there’s always an opposite, and it was clear with the huge number of unicorn and rainbow-themed launches in 2017, that at least some makeup fans would be craving a more rebellious and moodier look this year.”

The Goth-O-Graphic collection is a true testament the to brand and what it stands for. wet n wild Beauty is all about being trendsetters in color and leaders in package design, all while expressing your identity, your diversity, your individuality, your beauty, regardless of how much you have in your wallet. wet n wild Beauty has left the rainbow and unicorn craze back in 2017 and is all about goth aesthetic with a hint of luminosity.

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