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Why Vero is Different Than Other Apps You’ve Been Using

Last updated on: 2018


How is Vero is different from other apps that you’ve been using?

If you haven’t heard of Vero yet, it’s the new social app that claims itself, in it’s manifesto, as the “True Social” App, centered around the basis that people naturally seek connection. Vero, meaning “truth”, is based on the idea that a false sense of connection has developed between users and the social platforms because of an imbalance in interests.

What does this really mean? Let us fill you in on the key differences.

What content can be shared on Vero?

The content that you can share and see on Vero is a mix of movies, TV, music, books, places, photos and links. The app created a “one-stop shop” feel, combining media sharing aspects of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud. You can also purchase certain links, books and songs from the platform if they are sold on iTunes or the Android store, all without leaving the app.

User Segmentation: Share Certain Content with Certain People

Users can classify each other is into four segments: Close Friend, Friend, Acquaintance, Followers.

Users choose how to classify other people within their social circles without them knowing. What connections see is based off of what classification they have been given. Every post users create gives the option to share with one or multiple of these social groupings.  

No Algorithm or Data Mining: The Return of Reverse Chronological Order

There is no algorithm on Vero, meaning that all posts will show up in a reverse chronological order. This aspect of Vero breaks away from the norm of the today’s social landscape by letting its fans choose what they want to see based who they follow. In turn, other people can choose what you get to see by which social circle they classify you in.

No Advertising: Instead, Users Will Pay a Monthly Subscription

No algorithm means no advertising. Brands, artists and influencers alike will not be able to pay for any type of boosting or priority placement within the app.

But how can an app nowadays go without advertising?

Users will have to pay a monthly subscription in order for the app to be sustainable. Currently, Vero is extending their free for life promotion for those who choose to sign up now.

User Info: Find Out How Long You’re Really Spending on Social Media

Vero rolled out a new feature on their app to show how much time each user spent on the platform. They are providing this service to help address the rampant social media addiction, which they claim is the reason why they built Vero in the first place.

So, What Does This Mean for Marketers?

It’s hard to say if Vero will become more brand-friendly in the future, but there are some key aspects that any brand wanting to join the social landscape of Vero can amplify on. Even though Vero is a non-advertising platform, it can still be very influencer heavy. If your brand operates in the influencer world, escalate on this aspect for promotion. While the app is branded to be the “Anti-Instagram,” it still possesses many of the same interface designs and ideas of Instagram. Think of all the brands that made it big on Instagram before the algorithms and advertising — who’s to say now isn’t the time to make your brand move!

Have you tried out the Vero app yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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