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How to Utilize Instagram Stories Analytics

Last updated on: 2018


Instagram stories are a great way for brands to connect with their following, receive customer feedback and create conversions. From an Instagram story, digital marketers can see which individual slide gained the most interactions, how many followers tapped on the photo to view the profile, the amount of sticker taps driving the audience to another page, reach, impressions, and the drop off rate. Not all audiences are the same, therefore, looking over these analytics can be beneficial when thinking about posting times and the content you’re posting.

What time of the day is best for receiving the most traction from your audience?

Using Instagram stories built-in analytics, you can compare the overall drop off rate and find the correlation showing which time of the day has more or less of a drop off (the fewer drop offs the better). When you don’t see a lot of viewers dropping off, it means your audience is going through every slide and receiving the full story. Stories with a high drop off rate make less impressions on your following.

What type of story does your audience engage with most?

With Instagram stories you can create polls, product highlights, tutorials, and assortment of other content. By looking at the analytics and comparing the drop off rates and overall engagement, you can see which is working the best for your audience. For example, one client may have an audience that connects well with a poll based story, meaning every slide should ask a this or that kind of question (i.e. “I can’t leave the house without my… bronzer or highlighter”). Once posted, it’s easy to see which answer is receiving the most votes. However, another brand may have an audience that loves Fan Features (stories highlighting fans who have created a look and tagged the brand). For accounts like this, Fan Features have a lower drop off rate than other types of stories.

By analyzing which type of story performs best, you can better serve your audience and provide the content they are actually looking for and engaging with.

Why does any of this matter?

Overall, Instagram stories are another way to better serve your audience and gain more knowledge about your following. This will help your Instagram grow and retain followers. From the analytics, you can gather the information to create quality stories that you know your followers will enjoy.

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