New This Week: Two New Instagram Shopping Features

Last updated on: 2018


Last week, two new Instagram shopping features that will allow consumers to more easily shop directly from the platform were announced. These features, shopping from Stories and shopping in Explore, give businesses more opportunities to convert sales on the platform, making it an even more lucrative investment than it has been in the past.

According to a press release from Instagram, “With more than 90 million accounts tapping to reveal tags in shopping posts on Instagram every month, Instagram has quickly become a shopping destination unlike anywhere else. That’s because Instagram allows shoppers to visually explore all of their favorite products and stumble upon new ones that inspire them.”

Today, we are breaking down these new Instagram shopping features and explaining how they can make an impact on your ad spend ROI.

Shopping From Stories

With over 400 million accounts using the Instagram Stories feature (and one-third of views being of business page Stories) daily, adding the ability to shop from Stories is a no-brainer. This feature will allow approved businesses to add a single product sticker onto their Stories that shows the shopping icon and product name and can easily be customized with color. When a consumer clicks on the sticker, it will take them to a page featuring the product details and a “view on website” CTA (the same as if a consumer was shopping from the feed). You can check out what it looks like below.

Currently, this feature is limited to certain countries, but if it proves successful, there’s no doubt that a global rollout will happen in the future.

instagram-shopping-features-storiesImage via The Jakarta Post

Shopping In Explore

More than 200 million users visit the Explore page on Instagram daily, making it another potentially lucrative place on Instagram to generate sales. To take advantage of this traffic, Instagram is rolling out a Shopping topic channel that will display shoppable posts by a variety of business pages that are selected by the algorithm and based on the user’s unique preferences. Check out what it looks like below.

While this feature is currently just being tested, a global rollout is planned for the coming weeks.


What do you think about these new Instagram Shopping features? Let us know in the comments below! Plus, find out more about social media updates in our New This Week series. 

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