New This Week: As Twitter Spam Decreases, Engagement Rates Are Rising!

Last updated on: 2018


It’s clean up time and Twitter spam bots stand no chance! Over the past few weeks, many users experienced a decrease in their following number as the platform removed locked accounts and those that tweet out spammy content. Additionally, on Friday, July 27, Twitter reported a loss of about a million monthly active users in the US.

In Twitter’s official report, they say the network is now removing twice as many accounts for violating spam policies as it did last year, identifying nine million potential spam accounts every week and preventing 50,000 fewer spam sign-ups each day. That results in 8,000 fewer average spam reports on the network every day. For brands and businesses, this means we can actually have an understanding of real and organic followers. Cheers to that!

However, with many of the Twitter spam accounts caught at sign-up, curbing spam isn’t responsible for that one million drop. The platform is more focused on moving staff to focus on network health and the GDPR laws, both of which are resulting in a larger chunk of that decline in comparison to removing spam accounts. (Need a refresh on GDPR? We’ve got you covered.) Twitter expects another decline in monthly active users for the next quarter, but the company says that while creating a healthier social network has short-term consequences, the changes will contribute to long-term growth. For many Twitter fans, this could be a downgrade but for most businesses and brands, they are only going to gain more organic user content.

What’s next on Twitter? Video will continue to be a high focus for the network. Start filming because Twitter is getting ready for you!

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