T&P Celebrates National Margarita Day

Last updated on: 2018

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In case you didn’t already know, National Margarita Day was on February 22nd. This year, the Digital Beauty team decided to put together a little celebration at the Taylor & Pond office, and wow, was it a party!

National Margarita Day Lemons and Limes

Celebrating National Margarita Day: The Party

Taylor & Pond is known for hosting amazing office events (remember our Halloween office party?). We planned out all the office activities and made sure to catch all the behind the scenes fun on Twitter and Instagram Stories. If you missed it, catch up on our #agencylife story highlights!

National Margarita Day Lime Margaritas

Celebrating National Margarita Day:

The Recipe

The first step to celebrating National Margarita Day? An amazing margarita recipe! We kept it simple and on the rocks with an easy recipe that requires only a few ingredients: tequila, agave, limes and salt.

National Margarita Day Guacamole Competition

Celebrating National Margarita Day:

The Competition

Along with our margs, the day couldn’t be complete without chips & guac! To make things even more interesting, two of our team members went head to head in a homemade guacamole competition. Marie, Taylor & Pond executive assistant, went for the classic recipe using just avocados and salsa, while Sierra, one of our digital account managers, added some sweetness with pomegranate seeds on top of her avocado concoction. Our Instagram followers voted Sierra’s interesting take on the dish as their favorite; however, since both batches were gone within the hour, they were both winners in our eyes!

Do You Salsa Spoon

This office party was a success and a fun way for everyone in the office to celebrate a week of hard work. We can’t wait to continue this tradition and celebrate National Margarita Day next year!

Did you celebrate National Margarita Day? Share your favorite recipes and office party stories below!

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