Top Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

Last updated on: 2021


Gone are the days of conventional marketing methods, consisting of post-it flyers and ads in newspaper magazines. As the world experiences a whirlwind of technological advancements, the business industry chooses to up its marketing game. Digital marketing is becoming a global phenomenon, enabling the commerce world to experience new heights of success.

Here are 5 digital marketing trends to take your marketing strategy to the next level.               

  1. Search Engine Optimization

An effective marketing plan’s primary goal is to get the potential customers to notice the brand, also known as brand recognition or brand awareness. Since the use of the internet has allowed people from every corner of the world to present themselves globally, it could be challenging to bring your brand under the spotlight. But fortunately, marketers are aware of the importance of SEO strategies, which helps them get their published content to make the top of the search engine results. SEO lets you publish content with specific keywords and phrases that the relevant audience searches the most. The more you use them, the more likely it is to get on top of their search results. With the help of free SEO tools, you can identify weaknesses and issues that stop you from ranking higher on SERP.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media use has increased drastically in the past two decades. It is now easy and free to access many social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allowing both buyers and sellers to interact effortlessly. Incorporating digital marketing strategy in social media has become more necessary, considering consumers’ dependability on it. Marketers follow the latest social media trends through hashtags and viral memes. Advertisement via images and videos has become standard on these platforms, giving buyers various options and a vast space for innovators to present their products. What makes this marketing strategy effective is the automated filtering of the audience, taking the right advert to the right person, and broadening the market base for businesses. The company’s positive image on social media inculcates brand loyalty in the current customers and brand awareness in the potential ones.

  1. Pay-Per-Click Ads

Pay-Per-Click Advertisements are an easy and effective investment because the ROI is better than in any other option. It is also available on several different platforms. It allows the business to expand its marketing beyond the reach of its niche. These short ads are available as a redirecting link on Google searches. For every click on the ad, the businesses have to pay. YouTube also adds these advertisements amidst its videos; these are short clips or GIFs. The aces of this technique are that these ads are only delivered to the targeted audience. They are instrumental in generating leads.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are getting an unprecedented hype in the ongoing era because they motivate people to change their lifestyles for a better living standard. Even micro-influencers on Instagram with 10K followers impact people’s everyday choices, decisions, and actions. They are pretty much the authorities of social media and hence, a beneficial asset to businesses. Marketers put a lot of time and effort into strategizing an influencer marketing plan, and it is usually a hit. One option is to contact the influencer directly, send them a PR package and ask them to review it positively on their page. Depending on their following list, many people see them use such a product and benefit from it, encouraging them to buy it. It is an excellent technique for lead generation and to build a positive brand image. Influencers also do giveaways of your products and offer discount codes to their followers, which brings you, several customers.

  1. Automation and AI

Artificial intelligence has taken over the world, quite literally. Sales and marketing departments of several businesses are now making use of AI to carry out the simpler parts of the job. It minimizes human labor, and they could utilize their capabilities in generating new ideas. A practical example would be ChatBots. The robot customer service is trained enough to deal with frequently arising queries and keep the customer engaged until a worker reaches out to them. Also, AI has made its place known in the development and designing of the web. It can analyze the customers’ profiles and suggest ways to personalize the website for them. The same goes for emails, custom messages, forms, and campaigns.


It’s pretty easy not to forget digital marketing trends when they are always going on in front of you. Every social platform is now under the spell of paid advertisement, and customers are more aware of their choices. So, as the option to innovate and expand, the competition also rises, which is why marketers should be ready to adapt to new changes very quickly.


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