How TikTok Is Influencing the Skincare Market

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How many plans, events, and appointments have you had to cancel over the past months? You probably still don’t feel comfortable putting anything into your calendar. As a result, many of us have had to find alternatives and entertainment. Some of those things on our to-do list are easier to substitute than others. Who do you turn to when your skin is acting up, and a dermatologist or your local beauty store is no longer an easy walk-in consultation. For generation Z, there is one clear answer, TikTok.

Heres how Tiktok skincare reviews are influencing the market:

TikTok has easily become the main reference for reviews for young consumers, from beauty products to grocery store produce. With nothing but time on their hands, users have spent endless hours determining and purchasing the best products according to other fellow TikToker users.

TikTok has truly taken ‘Word of Mouth’ to the next level. By sharing, they are able to amplify the most effective marketing tool there is. If you’re wondering whether or not the newest social platform is really affecting the market, just ask any target employee or jump onto

Top Recommended Products

Some of the top recommended products have been brands like The Ordinary, CeraVe, and The Inkey List. These lucky brands have seen tremendous response because of these TikTok skincare reviews. In fact, many of them are on backorder. Many of the Ordinary products are sold out and have been for weeks at both Sephora and Ulta. The Inkey List’s top-rated products have also sold out on the same beauty websites. CeraVe’s whole skincare line has been extremely limited. Retail employees and original users have even created original content complaining about the scarcity of these products.

Introducing the ‘Skinfluencer’

Who is to thank for this lack of supply? Within the app, there are many famous TikTokers who speak to their favorite products. From the beauty industry, there has risen a new star. The ‘skinfluencer’ is here to help with all your TikTok skincare concerns.

The most popular ‘Skinfluencer’ on TikTok’s platform is @skincarebyhyram, who has over 4.5 million followers on TikTok. His fans are die-hard, and he often features with them for personal consultations. The runner up is @jc.dombrowski, with over 2.6 million followers. However, neither of these top TikTokers are industry professionals, so why do so many of their followers swear by their every word?

 Tiktok skincare reviews


I trust these with my life: cerave, BYROE, ordinary. #fyp #foryou #edutok #skincare #science #beauty #beautyls #learnontiktok ig: jc.dombrowski

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How Do They Do It?

Gen Z is known for using the internet to their advantage. They are able to access a much larger level of education than any generation before has been able to reach by a simple google search. They are keen on educating themselves in their free time, which is exactly what many of these Skinfluencers have done for themselves. Of course, supporting their claims is a necessity in order to avoid being canceled by their followers.

These Skinfluencers combine their knowledge with current platform trends in order to grow their presence. Many brands have seen this as a marketing opportunity and have collaborated with these TikTokers in order to appeal to the Gen Z market.

Your Digital Dermatologist

If you’re looking for your next self-care routine, I recommend you download the app TikTok and start scrolling. Your digital dermatologist already has an account full of tips set to the latest viral dance moves.

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