New This Week: Three New Instagram Shopping Features

Last updated on: 2018


Just in time for the holiday shopping season, three new Instagram shopping features were announced last week that will make it easier for consumers to complete the purchase of products they see on their feed. These features – a new collection tab where you can save products tagged in Stories, the ability to shop from videos, and a shop tab on business profiles – are geared towards keeping consumers on the app and ultimately, creating a conversion. Keep reading for a breakdown of these new features.

Shopping Collection Tab

The Shopping Collection tab lets users save products that are tagged for shopping on the Instagram feed or in a Story. All the user has to do is tap the product tag and click the save icon in the bottom right corner. Just choose “Save to shopping collection” and users can access these saved products at any time from their profile. Check out what this looks like below.

instagram-shopping-featuresImage via Instagram.

Shop from Videos

For the first time, users will be able to shop products featured in video posts. All the consumer has to do is tap on the shopping icon in the bottom left corner and the item names and prices will be revealed. Currently in beta, only select retailers have access to this shopping experience, but the platform plans to expand the feature to all retailers by the end of the year. Check out what this feature looks like below.

instagram-shopping-features-videoImage via Instagram.

Shop From Business Profiles

Instagram has redesigned the shop page on business profiles so users can see a feed of products, their names, prices and the post the product was featured in. This feature will be available on all retailer business profiles by the end of the year. Check out what this looks like below.

instagram-shopping-feature-profileImage via Instagram.

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