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Thick Hair Care Products We’re Loving This Fall

Last updated on: 2022


If I had a dollar for everytime a hairstylist, friend, family member or literal stranger told me I had the thickest hair they had ever seen, I would be rich and could afford every luxury treatment under the sun to ensure my mane was always tamed. However, instead of earning money for having thick hair, I’ve poured hundreds (okay, if we’re being honest… thousands) of dollars over the last eight years into finding the products to care for my hair from home. Granted, I have made many mistakes along the way, including getting my hair cut at a barber shop, bleaching my hair from home and snapping three combs and one brush because I was too lazy to get my knots out in a healthy and proactive manner. However, I can officially say I have dedicated the last year to getting my hair back in shape and making my hair care routine more efficient. With these thick hair care products, I feel confident I can help you do the same.

Here’s a routine full of thick hair care products we’re loving this Fall!

thick hair care products we're loving this fall

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Scalp care is incredibly important, especially when your scalp is difficult to reach due to the massive amount of hair on your head. A good shower scalp brush is the key to breaking up oils, improving blood circulation which promotes hair growth — and honestly just giving yourself a much-needed scalp massage. The Straand Exfoliating Scalp Brush is my personal favorite, especially as it’s made up of non-toxic silicone, making it eco-friendly. Personally, I use my scalp brush when I first wet my hair and after I shampoo the second time (yes, I shampoo my hair twice… it’s the only way I feel like I really get it fully clean, but I only wash my hair about one to two times a week so I’m not constantly stripping it of its natural oils). 

I also make sure to switch off between shampoos and conditioners every few months. My top choices right now are the Surface Hair Bassu Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner; the Nexxus Clean & Pure Shampoo; and Humectress Conditioner. After my double shampoo, I submerge the bottom half of my hair in one of these conditioners and keep it on for around three to five minutes while washing up elsewhere. I then thoroughly rinse my hair and brush it in the shower with the T3 Detangle Duo. Every once in a while if I’m looking to go the extra step to care for my scalp, I use the Strannd Crown Fix Scalp Serum while my hair is wet. It rebuilds moisture and helps revive your scalp. Now that the shower hair routine is done, the real fun begins.

If you have thick hair, you know the struggle of drying time, especially when you choose to air dry. If I shower an hour or two before bed, I can expect my hair to still be soaked the next morning. The VOLO Beauty Hero Hair Towel has saved me, though. After my hair wash routine, I put my hair up in this and it extracts far more water than a normal towel would. This truly splits my drying time in half. The towel also aids in reducing damage and frizz. I typically leave my hair in this towel while I do my skincare; then I remove the towel and spritz my hair with the Surface Hair Bassu Shine Spray to detangle, protect, and obviously make it shine like the star it is. Then I pop some Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil onto my ends, especially if I plan on touching it with any heat, and proceed to brush all of that through with T3 Smooth Paddle Brush. I have found that a paddle brush with nylon bristles is the only one that can truly hold its own when up against a head of thick hair. If you are like me, you can allow your hair to air dry throughout the day most of the time, or overnight even — only if you promise to use a Slip Silk Pillowcase though (trust me, it will change your hair and your life). 

thick hair care products we're loving this fall

Photo by Paul Siewert on Unsplash

However, let’s get to styling! Now if you’re feeling fancy, trust me when I say I know the Dyson Airwrap is ridiculously expensive, and in all fairness, I received it as a very special joint Birthday/Christmas gift; but if I’m being honest, it is absolutely worth the hype, especially for us thick-haired girls. It comes with a tool for every style imaginable making it a game changer for a quick salon blowout look, plus it’s very easy and compact for travel. If this multistyler is too trendy for you and you wish to stick with a more tried-and-true styling tool, the ghd Max Styler 2” Wide Plate Flat Iron is the way to go. It is designed for thicker hair, and as an added bonus it also minimizes heat damage. Once your hair is styled to perfection, spray a little Nexxus Maxximum Finishing Mist and you will be set for days!

Obviously when it comes to hair, everyone is different, so if you try these thick hair care products and you don’t feel your absolute best, then some more exploration may need to be done. However, I hope that this is at least a start to taming your mane. And if you only add one of these recommendations to your routine, make the investment in a Silk Pillowcase. You and your hair will thank me!

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