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Last updated on: 2018

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Welcome to the T&P Office

Welcome to the Taylor & Pond office! If you aren’t already familiar with T&P, we are a leading full-service digital agency based in downtown San Diego. With a talented team of creatives, programmers, social media experts, and project managers, we are leaders in cross channel and content marketing. Our team specializes in everything beauty, along with health and lifestyle (see a full list of our featured clients). At Taylor & Pond, we believe that fun is a part of the creative process and ultimately, directly connected to achieving success! From brand development to social media & blogger outreach, our experienced team is prepared to help you with any of your needs. Learn more about our services here.

Taylor & Pond Office Space

Creativity is Found All Throughout the Office

Taylor & Pond moved offices in 2016 and we LOVE our space! Our office is located in the heart of the Gaslamp District in the historic San Diego Hardware building. Our brick walls, silver tiled ceilings, mango wood desks and open work space is a fun environment where we encourage all of our employees to get their creative juices flowing. At the T&P office, we always keep things fresh by inviting all creative ideas to bloom in weekly collaborative meetings and hosting fun office events to create memorable team bonding experiences. We are also a dog-friendly office — our office pup Hashtag is always here to support our team!

Taylor & Pond Office Taylor & Pond OfficeTaylor & Pond OfficeTaylor & Pond Office High Table Taylor & Pond Office

Let’s Explore the Space!

The space is equipped with a main conference room, mini bar, photo shoot area and several other offices. Cindy Pond, Taylor & Pond owner & CEO, has a gorgeous office with a view of the Hotel St. JamesWe love having the ability to walk in and talk to our boss at any time, which is a unique opportunity that not many companies offer. Our open layout allows us to easily communicate with everyone in the office.

Taylor & Pond Conference Room Taylor & Pond Conference Room HashtagTaylor & Pond Bar Taylor & Pond Photo AreaTaylor & Pond Photo AreaTaylor & Pond Balcony Hotel St. James Cindy Pond Office Space

What do you think of our office space? Let us know in the comments below!

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