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23 Things I’ve Learned in 23 Years

Last updated on: 2018

Agency Life

This month, Taylor & Pond turns 23 years old. In honor of the occasion, T&P founder and CEO Cindy Pond is sharing 23 things she’s learned over the past two decades of being an agency owner.

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23 Things I’ve Learned about Agency Life in 23 Years

  1. Acknowledge and distill each day what you can improve upon (10%) and then focus on the positives and practice/replay those moments (90%).
  2.  Be in the moment. There is no more important conversation than the one you are having.
  3. Leave your laptop and cell phone in your office during meetings. It’s amazing what you absorb without those distractions.
  4. Love what you do. I look forward to coming to work everyday.
  5. Take a vacation. People often need a break from you as much as you need a vacation from them.
  6. If you don’t love the brand you are working on, work on a different brand. Be in love.
  7. There is no better client than your current client, and you should always treat them as such.
  8. As an agency owner, work ON your business more than IN your business.
  9. Agency life is not for everyone; those who succeed are cut from a special cloth.
  10. Simplicity of thought and ideas often wins the day.
  11. Clients are people too.
  12. Think like a client.
  13. There are a lot of ways to get to a finish line; let your team find their path.
  14. Never worry about anyone stealing your ideas or copycatting. It is all about the execution and results and that can’t be duplicated
  15. Five minutes before a meeting is on time.
  16. Don’t drink and tweet!
  17. You are the brand of you.
  18. Make note of any concepts or terms you hear that you don’t understand, then research it.
  19. Embrace silence in tricky conversations; the truth often follows.
  20. Be proactive, not reactive.
  21. When confronted with a situation, Pause, Plan & Proceed.
  22. Wine is way better than whine.
  23. Skate to the puck.

What is your favorite piece of advice? Let us know in the comments below!

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