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New This Week: Snapchat Introduces New Snap Camera for Desktop

Get ready for even more filters and selfies — Snapchat is bringing the magic of lenses to live streams and video chats! Snap Inc. recently introduced a new feature called Snap Camera, a free application that allows anyone to use its signature augmented reality selfie filters (aka Snapchat Lenses) using their desktop computer. Previously, users…

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Snapchat Broadens Location-Based Ad Targeting

With more than 187 million daily users across the globe, 71% of Snapchat’s audience is under age 34. Snapchat offers brands direct contact with a younger audience that craves the interaction that Snapchat offers. The company recently introduced new updates in an attempt to bring more advertisers to the platform. Snapchat is also testing features…

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Snapchat Introduces Shareable Stories Feature for Non-Users

Want to share Snapchat content with people who don’t use the app? Now you can! After many developments involving context cards for advertisers and a total design update, Snapchat has recently introduced a new sharing feature. The new feature allows public content to be shared via a link and viewed on the desktop version of their site alongside…

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