why you need sunscreen in your routine

Why You Need Sunscreen in Your Routine

Last updated on: 2022


Beauty and wellness products have often been marketed for their reparative and restorative abilities. Sometimes it seems like our skin is ultimately an afterthought, that it must endure what it does and that we can hope to recover it afterward. But we can anticipate what our skin goes through and we can plan accordingly with preventative skincare – and the easiest preventative product to work into your routine is sunscreen. Although a beautiful beacon of light, the sun is ultimately damaging to our skin! You’ve heard the skincare-obsessed stressing the importance of using sunscreen daily, but…

This is why you need sunscreen in your routine!


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Weighing the Options

Okay, I’ll ask the question we’re all too afraid to ask: what’s SPF? SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF measures how effective sunscreen will be at protecting your skin from UVB rays. Most dermatologists recommend at least SPF 30 in your sunscreen, but don’t be fooled – higher SPF sunscreens aren’t necessarily more protective. 

It’s important to consider the level of protection you’ll be receiving, but it’s just as important to consider the ingredients used in your sunscreen of choice, where you’re applying it and what it does for your skin beyond sun protection. Combination sunscreens for body and face will be split in their interests of how to best benefit your skin or could just be too general to do anything beyond sun prevention. Lots of facial creams and moisturizers are now at least SPF 15, protecting your face from UVA and UVB rays and rehydrating it while you enjoy the sun. Oxybenzone is perfect for preventing sunburns and so is octinoxate, but they both come with side effects: oxybenzone is potentially harmful to sensitive skin types and octinoxate isn’t coral safe and harmful to sea life. Self-care includes caring for our planet and we should start recognizing the chemicals that can come off of our skin and into our oceans.

why you need sunscreen in your routine

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Sunrise to Sunset – and Again!

Over time, you’ll begin to notice the protective benefits of the sunscreen you use. Immediate results are obvious – no burns here! – but your skin will age into its natural radiance if it’s protected from the sun’s harmful rays. People who use sunscreen daily experience 24% less skin aging than those who use sunscreen only now and again…imagine how much bigger that number must be for those who don’t use sunscreen at all! The study even found that those who started using sunscreen in their 40s and 50s still experienced anti-aging benefits. But don’t take that as an invitation to start later – take this as why you need sunscreen in your routine immediately!

why you need sunscreen in your routine

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The Not-So-Sunny Truths

Foregoing sunscreen proves fateful for skin and its potential glow. As obviously aforementioned, sunburns are never as stunning as a smooth and even tan, never mind the potential pain. But sometimes, the sun’s damage can be so irreversible, it’s regrettable to even ignore the simple benefits of implementing sunscreen into a daily routine. Skin cancer can be easily treatable, but that’s never an excuse to take the risk of no protection. 

Other stray not-so-sunny truths include the limits of sunscreen in the United States and the environmental impact of sunscreen. Some consumers have started shopping for sunscreen from overseas markets, touting the better ingredients banned by the FDA and the easily applicable, more cosmetic-friendly formulas as major pulls for ordering internationally. And the clean conscious will want to take into consideration what formulas and ingredients are harmful to sea life if you’re headed to the ocean (some ingredients approved by the FDA are still banned in Hawaii for this reason!).

These are only some of the many reasons why you need sunscreen in your routine and what to consider when shopping for sunscreen. The bottom line though? The benefits of sunscreen are undeniable. Comment below and tell us some of your favorite sunscreen products!

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