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Snapchat Introduces Shareable Stories Feature for Non-Users

Last updated on: 2018


Want to share Snapchat content with people who don’t use the app?

Now you can! After many developments involving context cards for advertisers and a total design update, Snapchat has recently introduced a new sharing feature. The new feature allows public content to be shared via a link and viewed on the desktop version of their site alongside their new mobile update. This content will include Official Stories (Stories from media outlets, celebrities, sports teams, and other verified profiles) as well as Our Stories (collaborative Stories users can choose to post to) and Search Stories (another way to access public Stories by searching keywords). These public, shareable stories will still be subject to Snapchat’s viewing time limit. Official Stories will be available for 24 hours, while Our Stories and Search Stories will be available for 30 days.

Sharing this public content is easy. All the user has to do is visit the Discover page, hold down on the story they want to share, and click on “Share This Story”. Users have the option to send the link via text message, email, Twitter, Facebook, and any other messaging app installed on the phone or tablet they are using to access Snapchat (Apple users also have the option to AirDrop the link to anyone in their network).

While the only stories that will be shareable via link are from verified accounts, Snapchat hopes that this will entice new users to sign up for the app and encourage current users to be more engaged.

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