Snapchat Introduces Context Cards for Advertisers

Last updated on: 2017


Looking for more opportunities for direct-response advertising? Snapchat has you covered!

After introducing Context Cards (a feature giving access to information about a location tagged in a Snap or video) for everyday users, Snapchat has officially opened the feature up to advertisers. Brands will now be able to attach Context Cards to their Sponsored Lens and Geofilter ads free of charge, allowing viewers to easily swipe up on ads to visit the advertiser’s site. When properly utilized, the Cards will catch the viewer’s eye and, ultimately, drive conversions on the advertisers website.

In terms of ROI and analytics, advertisers will easily be able to see link clicks and actual click-through rate. With some extra configuration, you’ll also be able to track conversions such as page visits or purchases (as one is able to see when using a Facebook Pixel).

From a user perspective, the ads will only show up when they are viewing a video or Snap that has utilized a Sponsored Lens or Geofilter. This limitation means that users who are using the Lens or Geofilter on their own Snap or video will not be served the Context Card, therefore restricting the overall reach of the ad.

While this new feature is currently only available to advertisers in the United States, Snapchat plans to announce a global rollout in early 2018.

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