How to Ace Influencer Marketing with a Small Budget

Last updated on: 2018


Not every brand has a massive budget allotted for influencer marketing, especially those new, up-and-coming brands that are trying to gain an initial digital footprint. While influencer marketing definitely helps brands to get their content out there, it might not be as simple without the adequate budget to work with the right influencers for the brand. However, it is still possible to make an impact for your brand using small budget influencer marketing. 

Why Choose Influencer Marketing?

The importance of influencer marketing is easily recognized as consumers seek more and more creative content through a variety of routes, whether it’s branded content or user-generated content. For smaller brands, it is imperative to find influencers who are able to deliver the type of content that resonates well with the correct audience to increase awareness of the brand. With a limited budget for influencer marketing, smaller scale businesses in the digital world should develop a smart and detailed strategy that utilizes user-generated content to reach a relevant audience through the influencers.

Let’s take a look at how to create a smart strategy for small budget influencer marketing.

Keep the Balance of Organic and Paid Influencer Content

With a limited budget, the use of organic influencer content is an important aspect of making content perform better in a cost-effective way. However, Facebook’s new requirement to tag sponsored content via its branded content tool is likely to force organic influencer content further down the news feed. In order to maximize budget, brands can test out the audience and the type of content and, subsequently, take the advantage of paid sponsored content to gain the best possible reach and engagement. To learn more about how to overcome the challenges of influencer marketing in 2018, click here.

Find the Influencers with Followers in the Target Market

Paid partnerships with influencers should be strategically chosen to target the corresponding market of the brand. To do this, you must carefully distinguish the characteristics of the influencer’s follower group. If a skincare brand is planning a collaboration, it is crucial to find the influencer whose content is skincare focused. With a loyal following of the influencer, the brand can build awareness in a relatively small, yet concentrated community. Rather than spending your budget on reaching a larger audience who might not be interested in your brand, investing in a smaller, but loyal group of consumers can prove to be more lucrative in the long run.

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