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Brand Spotlight: SKKN BY KIM

Last updated on: 2022


With just the announcement of her new skincare line, SKKN BY KIM, Kim Kardashian’s new brand reached 5.3 million Instagram followers on its account. This is no surprise due to Ms. Kardashian’s already well-established credibility in the industry from her fragrance line KKW Fragrance and makeup line KKW Beauty. But we’re finding out…

What sets SKKN BY KIM apart from other celebrity brands?



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Skincare to the NINEs

SKKN BY KIM launched with a nine-step routine they call NINE. Now this may seem overwhelming to some, but it goes to show how thought out and intricate Kardashian’s brand is. Starting from the first product in the routine to the last, the complete collection has: a cleanser, an exfoliator, a toner, a hyaluronic acid serum, a vitamin C8 serum, an eye cream, a face cream, oil drops, and a night oil. There are also 5-step bundles available and, of course, each product can be bought individually – with this, some may say SKKN is a one stop shop for all things skincare.


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Another aspect that sets SKKN BY KIM apart from others is her collaboration with aesthetician and skincare guru Joanna Czech. Czech has her own skincare line aside from helping Kardashian create formulas for SKKN. Czech focuses on a handful of techniques in her practice including ultrasound to tighten the skin, micro-current LED red-light therapy to boost the production of collagen, and cryotherapy (bursts of air at temperatures of around minus 43 degrees Celsius) to reduce inflammation. Along with Kim’s already established beauty credibility, Czech adds another layer specific to higher-end skincare.

Clean Conscious

Lastly, SKKN claims to be clean, vegan, and eco-friendly due to its refillable packaging. Vegan skincare products are cruelty-free and all-natural, a double benefit of being animal friendly and avoiding harsh chemicals usually
found in beauty products. This gives Kardashian another leg up in the industry, being that clean and vegan products are undoubtedly better for the skin – and who doesn’t love a good reuse, reduce, recycle moment?


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The Final Verdict

Kim Kardashian seems to have made a big splash with her announcement of SKKN BY KIM – as what tends to happen whenever she hits a new benchmark in the industry. The brand was clearly well thought out in all areas: science, branding, and personal, consumer-focused products. With an already large following, she has the credibility and higher-end skincare backing of Joanna Czech to have her brand set up for success. Will you be trying out SKKN BY KIM?

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