planning your singles day promotion

Planning Your Singles Day Promotion

Last updated on: 2022

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Today is Singles Day! Since 2009, Singles Day has slowly grown from being just a sales holiday in China to being a sales holiday worldwide. Although Singles Day is a newer holiday it has huge potential to become a mainstay tradition with its emphasis on self-care and self-love. If you’re considering planning your Singles Day promotion and participating in the fun next year…

There are strategies you can use when planning your Singles day promotion!

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What is Singles Day?

Singles Day was created on Chinese University campuses in the 90s by students as an “anti-Valentine’s Day,” but Alibaba started to claim the holiday as an official shopping holiday in 2009. Singles Day is meant to encourage loving oneself and taking care of yourself…so you can eventually not be single!

Treat Yourself!

Self-care is obviously huge on social media right now and there’s no better day to promote it than Singles Day (sorry, #SelfCareSunday!). Skincare sets are especially big in this self-care craze, but in the spirit of Singles Day, makeup kits are just as appealing to push to consumers! The holiday is all about taking care of yourself in a way that will maybe make you not single — sounds to me like a great opportunity to bust out your makeup chops!

Coupon codes are an obvious choice for a Singles Day promotion but making engagement posts that encourage self-love are a great way to bring visibility to the holiday since it has yet to gain traction in the United States (plus this definitely gives your brand some hipster coolness!). Ask your followers to engage with the brand by sharing their best self-care routines; this could easily become a giveaway, too. Since Singles Day looks forward to celebrating future relationships though, it could be fun to ask your followers to engage in a little comment section matchmaking! Who knows? Maybe a lucky person will end up getting a Singles Day gift from a new suitor because of your brand. There’s plenty of events to host on your brand’s social pages that will engage your followers in new traditions they’ll start with your brand’s products!

Everyone Loves A Celebration

Although Singles Day proves to be a much larger holiday in China — Alibaba hosts special events like televised concerts and even presales up to two weeks in advance to prepare for the day — it’s only beneficial to your brand to engage your followers in new international traditions. Holidays have always been culturally important to create community; November 11 is typically observed as Veterans Day in the United States, but with due respect given, there’s always room for more celebration. 

Planning your Singles Day promotion amidst the chaos of Black Friday is possible and a welcome new tradition for those consumers who may not participate in Black Friday. November has always been a run-up to holiday for United States retailers, but maybe it’s time we take some of our own advice and stop for some self-care in the middle of it all on Singles Day. It can only mean a more prosperous future!

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