New This Week: Shopify Announces Shopify AR

Last updated on: 2018


Earlier today, e-commerce platform Shopify announced Shopify AR, a phone-based augmented reality toolset using Apple’s recently released AR Quick Look (which goes live today with iOS 12). The toolset will allow merchants to upload 3D models of their products to their websites that can be directly viewed by users using Safari on iOS 12 devices (no headsets or separate apps needed). With Safari currently holding nearly half of the market share for mobile browsing traffic, this will allow a large portion of Apple device users to use AR to their advantage while making purchasing decisions.

“At Shopify, we’re committed to making the incredible business potential unlocked by augmented reality more accessible…That’s why we’ve built a services marketplace to help our merchants create 3D models of their products,” said a post announcing the release.

This toolset will be available to all merchants utilizing the Shopify platform for their business. You can check out how Pure Cycles, a company that is already utilizing Shopify AR, has implemented it on their online store below.

Video via Shopify.

Already on Shopify? Click here for the guide to get your store set up with the Shopify AR toolset.

How can AR enhance the e-commerce shopping experience?

Augmented reality is an exciting way to bring your products to life. This is especially important when you’re selling online! It allows your customers to better understand the size, scale and detail of the product they are considering, something that hasn’t before been possible when shopping online. Additionally, this comprehensive, immersive shopping experience can allow the consumer to be more confident in their purchasing decision, which can play a part in reducing the number of returns and unsatisfied customer reviews your business receives.

Are you considering working AR into your marketing strategy, or have you already? Tell us in the comments below, or explore more about augmented reality here

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