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Trending in Beauty 2019: Self-Care and Wellness

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There’s no denying that indulging in quality skincare and makeup can make us feel like we’re treating ourselves (and we are!) However I like to think beauty can go deeper than the surface. Yes, the bottom line of beauty products is to make us look a bit better but there’s an emotional feeling attached it. The self-care in beauty movement is a big one, and many beauty brands are taking notice.  

What exactly is self-care?

Self-care is the action of taking a moment to cater to oneself. It’s about taking time to enjoy the simple things that make you happy. Self-care in beauty shouldn’t be confused with the basics of surviving that’s a different story. Taking the time to wind down and take care of yourself is essential for good mental health. This can be as simple as popping on a face mask and sipping on earl grey tea.

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How beauty brands are taking notice:

Take Time in Your Routine: We all have that moment when we’re laying in bed and it hits I haven’t washed my face yet. You can reach for your makeup wipes and sloppily wipe off the reminisce of mascara that survived the day or you can get up and do a full routine. Before you answer, think about how much better it feels to indulge your skin and go the extra step. Makeup brands recognize people’s desire to treat themselves and more so, skincare brands are taking note of new ways to sell self-care.

Crystals have been a big hit in the wellness and healing realm. Pacifica Beauty has practically coined gemstones as its signature style and wet n’ wild released an ultra-popular Crystal Cavern collection this year centered around healing crystals. Back in the skincare world, the jade roller has emerged as a staple. The jade roller was used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries to help with skin inflammation, puffiness and circulation. This soothing beauty tool is perfect for a self-care regimen. Brands such as Honey Belle and Herbivore Botanicals continually include the jade roller in their social media content because of its luxurious look and self-care image it promotes.

Another self-care beauty treat is face masks. After cleansing, try putting on your favorite charcoal or jelly mask. To make it more relaxing, turn on The Office and crack open a fresh bag of Hot Cheetos (this may or may not be my own version of self-care). Whatever you do to relax, adding self-care beauty into your routine is a game changer. After the face mask, get out your luxurious jade roller and get to feeling the ulta-cooling sensation of the stone against your face. Have some time on your hands? Try out one of these DIY face masks by Wit & Delight.

Wellness is a Lifestyle: Self-care in beauty goes hand in hand with wellness. Take YUNI for example a beauty brand with a deep passion for wellness and mindfulness. YUNI strives to inspire people to be active and healthy. Beauty brands understand that people want to feel good and do good. Aligning values holds a high standard in the beauty community because customers want to relate to the brand and represent it. 

Self-care in beauty is about feeling good and doing good. Whether it’s taking advantage of green beauty brands or shopping only clean beauty products, the products you use should be a reflection of your values and what you stand for. Self-care practices focus on inner peace and a better state of mind so go ahead and feel good about pampering yourself. You deserve it. 

What other beauty brands do you love that are all about self-care and wellness? Share your favorites with us in the comments below!

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