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Why You Should Schedule Out Content & Copy

Last updated on: 2018

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It’s the beginning of the day and it’s time for you to think on your feet and write a captivating tweet – but you’ve already written one blog post, eight Instagram captions and three Facebook posts. What should you do when you feel like your creative alter-ego has taken a trip to Unoriginal Island and left your unimaginative self to write 20 tweets in the next hour? Cue the Content Calendar!

What is a Content Calendar?

A content calendar is a document that’s used to plan out all social content for the month ahead, allowing social media managers and marketing managers alike to stay on top of what is going to be posted. Content calendars are the perfect tool to ensure you are always organized, consistent and have the time to execute the creative planning necessary behind your brand’s social platforms.

Time to Plan

We’ve all been there – there’s days we feel like witty wordsmiths and there’s days writer’s block gets the best of us. When you stay ahead of the game, you have the freedom to utilize the times you’re feeling creative to write copy, brainstorm and plan ahead.

Using a content calendar allows a team the time they need to execute their creative plan.

Having time to think about the content you’re going to create is key – planning ahead and not missing sales, holidays, or time-sensitive content is what will keep your social platforms afloat and thriving.

Consistency is Key

Which is better: an account that tweets five times a day for a month then goes MIA, or an account that has a consistent posting schedule? Consistency is huge for gaining and, most importantly, keeping followers! Social media is a highly competitive space, so keeping your brand’s followers interested, excited and engaged is essential to success.

Having a consistent posting schedule is just as important as having a consistent voice.

Establishing a consistent voice throughout all platforms is the key to your brand’s success on social medias. On every platform you’re using, you want make sure that your followers are able to recognize your brand voice. If you’re writing one or two captions a day, it’s easy to forget what you said 9, 11, 20, or 55 days ago – however, when you have a content calendar properly laid out, you can note when certain copy sounds similar and when need to incorporate different verbiage.

The Importance of Organization

A content calendar is crucial to getting and staying organized. Evenly dispersing certain products, themes and user generated content is important to having a feed that flows. As a brand, you want to keep your followers engaged and excited by your platform – not bored and seeing the same content, post after post. A content calendar is a visual representation of everything the brand is going to be sharing with the public in the following month, and can be used as a visual point of reference for anyone on the team.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Planning ahead, staying organized, and establishing a consistent voice is the recipe to a successful social media presence.

Do you schedule out your content and copy? Share your best content calendar tips with us below!