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Meet Sarah Mendelsohn

Sarah Mendelsohn started her blog A Hit of Sarah at the age of 16, which opened her world to various industries within marketing. Now as the Social and Digital Content Manager at Maybelline, she has built an incredible career for herself that stems from her passion for art, beauty and travel. Keep reading to learn more about what a typical day in Sarah’s life looks like, what influencers she’s inspired by and her advice to other freelancers in the industry.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. How did you first get involved in the beauty world?

I initially started my career in the fashion industry and it was when I was just 16 years old! I used to love reading fashion magazines and it was a world I was incredibly interested in getting into. Around that time, blogging started to become a thing. Without telling my friends or family I launched my website, A Hit of Sarah, and it became a space where I interviewed a range of creatives within the fashion industry. It lead to me to cover fashion weeks around the world in several different capacities and eventually I got lightly into beauty with partnerships with (a now defunct) Lucky Magazine and backstage blogging for talent agency, Kate Ryan Inc. before I got my job at Maybelline. Now, I’m all in, a total beauty junkie and obsessed with the industry.

2. What drives your success and inspires your creativity?

Success – I grew up seeing my parents work hard and strive for successful careers. I was old enough to witness their growth and fortunate to have been given opportunities as kid as a result of what they worked for. So, growing up seeing what my parents built for our family was always something I wanted to emulate with my own career.

Creativity – a lot of my creativity is inspired by what I see on social media. I follow a lot of incredible photographers, makeup artists, models, designers and creatives of all kinds. I save beautiful spaces I find, looks I love or styles of photography I want to explore. A lot of what I find online gets me thinking and helps me create.

3. As a former freelance publicist and creative consultant, what advice do you have for other freelancers in the beauty industry?

You have to be brave, persistent and not easily discouraged. The hustle is hard, but so worth it! I miss freelancing. You have to take any chance you get. As a former freelancer, I connected with potential clients over social media. I followed them on Instagram and Twitter, I engaged with all of their content and when the timing felt right, I pushed myself for opportunities. When you show interest in them, they’re more likely to want to give you those opportunities. And when you hear a no, don’t give up! You’ll get a hundred noes until you finally get a yes and it will feel that much more rewarding when you do.

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4. What does a typical day in your life look like as the Social and Digital Content Manager at Maybelline New York?

There really is no typical day and that’s what I love about it! Sometimes I’ll be at the studio shooting the products, beauty looks or videos. Other days I’ll be on an influencer trip or event capturing content on my iPhone or I’ll be at the office in meetings, editing content and answering emails. There’s always something going on and that’s what makes the job so fun.

5. How do you think that social media is bridging the gap between public relations and marketing?

The rise and power of influencers has definitely changed the game. They’re being pitched to like editors used to be, but in a much grander way. They’re not just given opportunities to review products, but also to inspire them, give input on them and be the face of them. Influencers have really bridged the gap between marketing and PR – they’re selling products in so many different ways.

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6. Name a brand or influencer that you look to for inspiration and explain how they are rocking their Instagram aesthetic.

I follow SO MANY so this is hard to answer! I have to say an influencer that inspires me a lot in terms of her beauty looks and content is @tatianaroseart – I love her photography style and her looks are always stunning. I also love @mariahlleanord’s content and looks – similar vintage vibe of photography, but more wearable looks. These are just two of thousands of people and brands I look at regularly, but they definitely stand out amongst them!

7. If you were a Drake lyric, which one would you be and why?

Know yourself, know your worth. My actions been louder than my words.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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