Protecting against Eye Strain 101

Last updated on: 2021


Working from home has become the new normal for most people. We constantly see articles and social media posts with everyone’s tips and tricks on how to be successful while working from home. What many people don’t talk about is the importance of taking care of yourself! Especially eye care and how increased amounts of screen time can negatively affect your eyes. 

Below are some tips to protect against strained & tired eyes.

The biggest culprit of this strain is blue light. You might be wondering, “what is blue light?” Blue light is a short wavelength color seen by human eyes that produces high amounts of energy. Blue light is found in many places but has become more prevalent through the screens we use each and every day. Increased exposure to blue light can result in eye strain, dry eyes, and blurred vision, so it is extremely important to protect your eyes when spending time on your phone, computer, tv, or any other device.

Courtesy DIFF Eyewear

Here are 5 tips to protect your eyes from blue light exposure:

  1. When you are going to spend time looking at screens, ensure you are blinking more frequently!
  2. Take as many breaks as you can during screen time. Trust me, we all need breaks!
  3. Clean your screen regularly to prevent a screen glare from hurting your eyes. 
  4. Change your screen’s background colors to warmer tones and avoid a bright background to prevent eye strain.
  5. Lastly, Purchase a pair of blue light glasses and wear them anytime you are looking at a screen!

A good choice when deciding on which blue light glasses to purchase is DIFF eyewear. They have turned their mission of using fashion as a force for good into a reality. Many people might only know DIFF eyewear as a sunglass brand; however, they offer prescription glasses, including blue light protection glasses that can come with or without a prescription! So, if you spend your days looking at a screen, you should definitely consider implementing blue light glasses into your work routine! 

Protecting and taking care of your eyes shouldn’t feel like a chore. DIFF eyewear offers so many different styles, colors, and types of glasses on their website that finding a pair that you love is easy! Prescription or not, almost everyone can benefit from wearing blue light glasses. Don’t forget to make your eyes a priority! 

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Alexa is currently an Account Coordinator at Taylor & Pond. She is located in Miami, FL.