Passive Residual Income via Affiliate Marketing

How to Earn Simple Passive Residual Income via Affiliate Marketing

Last updated on: 2019


What is Passive Residual Income?

Making money while you sleep. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Passive residual income is a way for anyone to make money passively using advertisements, affiliate marketing and other techniques. One of the best examples is an individual who invests in vending machines, and places them all around town. The bulk of the work is done up front, and then every week or so, that person checks those machines to see what they’ve made.

So, how does this translate to the web?

In 2019, the web gives an individual a tremendous amount of power with little to no programming knowledge. Millions of people run blogs and are very passionate about their blog’s subject matter. This gives that person the ability to tap into passive residual income through affiliate marketing, and even offering space within their blog for others to advertise.

An example of this technique in action can be found at This blog will post after every session of Dungeons & Dragons they play, but in the sidebar are various links to products that relate to the game.

Passive Residual Income via Affiliate Marketing

Start earning with Amazon Affiliates

Perhaps the easiest way to start your passive income today is to become an Amazon affiliate. This process is very easy and can be up and running within the day. By partnering with Amazon, you gain access to over a million products that you are now able to advertise on your website or blog. Amazon is one of the most trusted eCommerce websites out there and they are welcoming you with open arms to partner up with them.

How does it all work?

Remember the vending machine reference? Once you have signed up with Amazon, you now have all your vending machines ready to start making money. Simply find a product that reflects the topic(s) on your site or blog and link right to it. When a user clicks on one of those links from your site, that is where the magic starts. Affiliate programs differ from company to company, but with Amazon, a cookie is placed on the user’s machine and will remain there for up to 14 days. If the user purchases the item you linked within your site, you will earn 10% of the listed price.

But wait, it gets better! If that user continues to shop on Amazon and adds more items to their cart, you will earn 10% on the entire cart! Even better yet, you have a chance to cash in at any point during those 14 days that the cookie is active.

Outside of Amazon

Many different companies offer affiliate programs. Chances are if you scroll to the footer of a major retail store or company, you will find some type of “Become an Affiliate” link. Some programs are better than others, so it does pay to carefully read the program details before signing up.

The Overview

We just barely covered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to passive residual income, but being armed with even a little bit of knowledge on the subject can get you started earning money while you sleep. The idea of making money passively while running a website or blog you are truly passionate about is a very appealing one. Not to mention, it is very realistic in this digital age. Find out more about Amazon’s affiliate program and start earning today!

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