New Year's Marketing Campaign

5 Tips for Your New Year’s Marketing Campaign

Last updated on: 2021

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For most people, New Year’s is a time for relaxation, celebration, fireworks, and maybe some champagne! It’s also a time that brings a sense of a fresh start. When you’re a digital marketer, the new year signals it’s time to wrap up the old and roll in the new! 

Keep reading to see what your brand needs in its New Year’s marketing campaign!

New Year's Marketing Campaign

Each time the new year rolls around, digital marketers face the same questions: How can we make this year’s campaign better than the last? How can we deliver more value to consumers this year?

With online shopping growing rapidly with over 900 million more digital buyers than in 2020, marketers are forced to harness the potential offered by digital channels.

Thinking about marketing strategies and campaigns before 2022 allows your brand to get ahead of the competition. It will also help your brand attract more interested customers, generate more sales, and remind customers that you care about them!

Here are a few ideas to help promote your brand in the new year:

Celebrate New Beginnings

With the new year comes new resolutions. Focus your campaign messaging on the idea of beginning again or starting fresh.

Run a Giveaway

Start the year with a contest or giveaway! It’s a great way to increase social media engagement and simultaneously gather consumer data by creating rules that include following the brand or tagging a friend to be entered to win. You can also gather additional information by having potential winners sign up for your brand’s email and text marketing campaigns.

Start a “Year in Review” Campaign 

Everyone likes to reminisce on the past year as we get closer to the New Year. Take the opportunity to remind your customers how much they used your service over the past year with a ‘year in review’ New Year’s email campaign.

New Year’s Greetings

Sending an email or posting “Happy New Year” on social media are good ways to connect with your audience and let them know you want to be a part of their new year.

Share Tips & Tricks

 This time of year, many people are looking to pick up a hobby or learn something new. Share your expertise or encourage consumers to try new things and make your brand a part of their 2022 adventure.


Ready to revamp your brand’s 2022 marketing strategy?


By planning ahead and dedicating time and effort to your brand’s New Year’s marketing campaign, you can ensure your brand makes the most out of the upcoming year.


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