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New This Week: New Instagram Features Roll Out

Last updated on: 2018


After the company announced them last month, new Instagram features have officially started rolling out. Starting this week, users will be able to video chat in direct messages, have access to more camera filters and explore Topic Channels.

Check out a rundown of these new Instagram features below.

Topic Channels on the Explore Page

Instagram’s Explore page got a makeover with the addition of topic channels, a feature that will allow users to more easily use the page to find content they are interested in. Users are presented with a block of personalized channels, including a “For You” tab, topics such as sports, beauty and fashion, and a list of hashtags that you might be interested in.

Additionally, Instagram has given you the option to mute channels and hashtags. When you mute channels, it will appear at the very end of the list of topics where users can unmute them at any time.

Below you can see what will now be seen by users upon opening the explore page.

New Instagram Features Topic Channels

Image via Instagram Press

Video Chat in Direct Message

Want to video chat with your friends while still being able to browse Instagram? Now you can! Using the direct messaging feature, users can video chat with one or a group of friends and can be used with anyone you have an active direct message with. According to Instagram’s Press page, “Video chat gives you the experience of realtime video in a private space and helps you feel close and connected to friends when you can’t be together. Your friends are already on Instagram, and with video chat, you can seamlessly connect across iOS and Android and without a phone number.”

To start a video chat, all you have to do is go to your direct message string with the person you want to call and click the video camera icon in the top right corner!

New Instagram Features Video Chat

Image via Instagram Press

Exclusive Camera Filters

Instagram is rewarding users for following celebrities, influencers and big brands by introducing new camera effects designed by the celebs and brands themselves. The first batch of specialized effects will include designs by Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel and the NBA. To get access to these filters, all you have to do is follow their account and then the effect will be loaded into your Instagram camera! Happy selfie-ing!

New Instagram Features Exclusive Camera Effects

Image via Instagram Press

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