New Facebook Creator App Tools

Last updated on: 2018


Facebook’s Creator App released new tools allowing you to take your content creating skills to the next level! The social media platform has always given its users the ability to build a community around their passion. If you’re a brand or Influencer, you can utilize the app to talk directly to fans and customers with monetized, branded content. Check out the new tools below and how you can apply them to our brand’s strategy.

Live Creative Kit: Similar to Facebook Live, this feature makes it easy to broadcast live. Add your own flare by incorporating your brand’s tone of voice and aesthetic when you add intros (an opener to your video), outros (conclusion), graphic frames, and custom live stickers that viewers can use to interact. Digital Beauty Tip: Utilize this feature for product launches or when you have an Influencer on location, great for behind-the-scenes.

Community TabA one-stop shop for ALL your messages. That means comments from Facebook and Instagram, and messages from Messenger can be found in one place, making it easy to engage back with your customers!

Camera & StoriesThis feature is where your brand’s personality shines! Use fun effects and frames when creating a Facebook Story. Digital Beauty Tip: Use this feature to cross-promote your other social media platforms.

InsightsYou can now easily view your content’s metrics, including analytics for your Page, videos, and fans.

For more, check out Facebook’s new Facebook for Creators website. You can find resources and tips on how to utilize the app.

Let us know which new tool you’re most excited about below!