How to Incorporate National Days Into Your Social Strategy

Last updated on: 2018

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National days are a staple for a good content mix within your social media strategy. They allow brands to join in on conversations with their fans and take stances on social happenings that align with their brand values. Incorporating national days in your social strategy might seem like a piece of cake. However, there are defined steps that you need to take to if you want to create a national day strategy that really works for your brand and your target market.

So, How Can You Incorporate National Days Into Your Social Strategy?

Here are a few of our tips to help you incorporate national days into your social media planning.

Align Your National Days with Your Business Goals and Values

While it’s always good to join in on the conversation, make sure that you are choosing national days to talk about that align with your company’s brand, product, and overall values. These days are meant to be positive, fun, and uplifting, so make sure that with all national days, your company is taking a non-offensive stance, and joining in for the right reasons. If it’s difficult to find a legitimate reason in your overall strategy to speak to your target market about a national day, take that as sure sign to leave that one behind and find one more suitable for your brand.       

Think Outside the Box

There is a national day for virtually EVERYTHING; the key is to join in on more than the generic Halloween and Valentine’s Day conversations. Locate sites that list the national days and national months for the year. Take the time to sift through the months, and find the dates that can work you’re your socials in overarching or creative ways. If you don’t find any ‘outside the box’ ideas to join in on, create your own national day for your brand much like wet n’ wild did with National Dark Lipstick Day (check out how they worked this national day into their social calendars here and here). You can submit for your own national day hereor create one on the fly and start a viral social sensation!

Just because there’s a national day doesn’t mean you need to create an Instagram post or Facebook cover photo. There are many different ways to join in on conversations. Not only should you be thinking about which are best suited to join in on, but also how joining in on the conversation is best suited for your brand. Instagram stories, for example, are a great way to join in on a conversation by using the day’s hashtags.  If you are a brand that heavily values creativity, an idea for a national day could be to create a Spotify playlist for your fans to listen to for that day, and cross promote that on your socials through a link in your bio, the swipe up feature in your story, or even a tweet to the playlist. Using the totality of platforms and their features to your advantage is a great way to show your target market what your brand is all about, and doing it in a creative way keeps your chances of being top of mind that much better.

Don’t Over Do It

Participating in the conversation on national days is FUN! That’s why they have become so popular for brands. Keep in mind, though, that there is that fine line between well done and over done. Don’t speak to a national day just because you think everyone else will be; speak to a national day because it makes sense and will bring elevated content and conversation to your social pages. Think of your posts and conversations as permanent — you want to be thoughtful in every post you make because it will exist forever. If there is a plethora of National Day posts on your page, it could get old for fans and deter them from the real reason they follow your socials — YOUR BRAND!

What are your favorite national days to participate in? Let us know in the comments below!

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