Must Haves for a Successful Business Instagram

Last updated on: 2018

Brand Building

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Utilized by millions, it’s a MUST for every business or brand. Whether you are unsure where to start or want to reassess your brand’s page, we have six must haves for your business Instagram.

Recognizable Name

When choosing a name for your brand or business, try and keep it as close to your company’s name to make it easy and simple for customers to find you. If your desired name is already taken, you can either reach out to the current owner of the page and inquire if they are willing to give up the name or for a cost or try abbreviating. Be mindful, though. You don’t want to stray too far from your company’s name.

An Informative Bio

An informative, descriptive bio on your brand’s page is essential. Try to answer the simple questions of who your brand is and what you offer. Don’t forget to include a tagline or branded hashtag to easily gather UGC (User Generated Content) from your customers. Keep in mind, you want your bio to be simple and to the point.

Bio Tip: Add your brand’s website to your business Instagram and update the website section with a link to a promo, video, or newsletter to drive traffic when it matters most!

Shoppable Tags

One of Instagram’s newest feature is every brand’s best friend. Shoppable tags make it easy for customers to shop and browse products straight from the app itself. You will first need to upload your Product Catalog to your Facebook page. Once you do this, tagging a product will be as simple as tagging a person in a post.

Profile Photo

Just like your Instagram name, you want your profile photo to be easily identifiable and simple. If your Instagram page is fairly new, utilizing your brand’s logo is a safe bet.


Hashtags allow you to reach potential customers and people who are searching for brand’s in your category. Be sure to utilize at least three each post using the most relevant hashtag to your image. Don’t forget to include your branded hashtag too! This will allow you to accumulate UGC and grow brand awareness.

Incorporate Brand Aesthetic

Your brand’s aesthetic includes everything from font, color scheme, persona, design style. This will be simple to establish if you already decided on your brand’s design aesthetic. Need help doing so? Start here.