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Influencers Who Are Breaking the Silence on Mental Health

Last updated on: 2020


As we try to find ways to stay busy while social distancing, many of us may find ourselves engaging on social media more than ever. Digitally staying connected while we self-isolate is one way to help support one another. Now is the time to spread positivity and kindness on each other’s feed. While we all love memes and selfies, we must remember the importance of mental health awareness and checking in and engaging in real conversations with each other.

According to an article by Scientific American, heavy social media users are more likely to experience higher levels of depression. In a place where putting your best face forward is practically the motto, talking about mental health has been a taboo topic in the past on social media. Here are some influencers breaking the silence. 

These influencers are openly discussing mental health and debunking stereotypes


Jamila Reddy

Jamila Reddy is a Brooklyn-based writer, healer, podcast host, and all-around dreamer. While studying sociology in college, Reddy began writing poetry about the fascinating things that were happening around her and how they made her feel. In 2017 Jamila started Extraordinary, a lifestyle design practice that helps others find creative practical ways to make their lives into the lives they’ve always wanted.  A researcher at heart, she often uses herself as a subject on how to make the most out of the human experience, how to become truly happy, and how to help others do the same. You’ll be inspired when you click on Jamilas Instagram which is filled with motivational words, fun dance breaks, and advice on overcoming perfectionism and grief support.

Emilia Ortiz

Brooklyn bruja and spiritual mami, Emilia Ortiz’ IG is a feel-good spiritual awakening. Ortiz’s soft, sultry voice and heavy New York accent lead her followers though healings and daily affirmations. She lets her followers know what crystals draw out negative energy and which ones bring good energies. She also discusses how to deal with anxiety in public spaces and how to actively promote mental health. Ortiz is a spiritual advisor, writer, motivational speaker, and creative mental health advocate. She also offers sessions on the phone for remote healing.

Samirah Raheem

Samirah Raheem is a mental health activist and model who gained notoriety after her interview with Pastor Jesse Peterson went viral at the L.A. SlutWalk in 2017. When asked by Peterson what it meant to be a slut and why she considered herself a slut Raheem replied, “Because I own my body. My body is not a political playground. It’s not a place for legislation. It’s mine, and it’s my future.” That video was liked and shared over 1 million times! Since then, Raheem has been featured in campaigns with Aerie and Vouge. She also is signed with IMG models. On her Instagram, you’ll find Samira sharing videos about mental health, fighting injustices, and dope pictures of a woman whose body is not a political playground. 

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