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Matte vs. Dewy: Which Foundation Will You Choose?

Last updated on: 2018


Matte vs. Dewy: Which Foundation Will You Choose?

The shifting of beauty trends can sometimes be overwhelming. Just when you master one skill there is another that has developed that you must conquer, and skin finishes are one of them. This preference has been a top-of-mind conversation in the beauty community and has created shifts in trends and the evolution of beauty products. So, which will you choose: matte or dewy?

The Matte Look

Polished and precise is the best way to describe a matte finish. This type of finish leaves your skin looking velvety and pulls light inward, leaving you with a flawless finish. When creating a matte finish, your skin is left with zero signs of shine and oil. You can achieve both an airbrushed finish with long-lasting results with the right products!

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Best Products for a Matte Finish

The Dewy Look

A dewy look gives you a luminous glow! This finish leaves your skin extremely moisturized and reflects light. With this finish, you can let your natural radiance shine and give your skin the appearance of a lustrous and healthy lifestyle. Mastering this look requires the perfect foundation, however, you can help out your skin by moisturizing, exfoliating and drinking lots of water.

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Best Products for a Dewy Finish

Which skin finish are you drawn to: matte or dewy? Leave a comment to let us know which team you’re on!