Male Makeup: The Rise of Beauty and the Millennial Man

Last updated on: 2018


The men are officially here to join the makeup revolution! 2018 has seen a significant rise in the use of natural male makeup with over 3 billion in sales worldwide. More makeup brands have jumped on the train and the time has come for ultimate inclusion in the makeup industry.

We honor the male renegades of makeup, the “Beauty Boys” of the industry; however, this trend is focused on our lesser-glam guys! Gone are the days of borrowing your girlfriend, sister or mom’s concealer. Brands such as MMUK, Chanel, Edward Bess and NOTE Cosmetics have featured products for the man who wants to address common issues of acne or scar coverage, moisturizer and even beard and brow filler. Millennial men are rewriting all the rules; they’re focusing on skincare and feeling more self-assured than ever before.

What companies should I look to for my male makeup?  

It can be difficult to navigate this new frontier, so we’ve gathered some of our favorite looks below. Many brands feature men using makeup in their everyday lives to enhance their looks naturally with simple black and white product photography.

   Images via Forbes. 

Chanel launched ‘Boy de Chanel’ beginning in January 2019, stating that “beauty is a matter of style, not gender.”

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MMUK (short for Male Makeup United Kingdom) a UK makeup brand, founded by Alex Dalley, has been featured in GQ, Esquire and Men’s Health as the go- to brand for men to purchase their makeup products.

Images via Edward Bess

Edward Bess, a gender-neutral UK based makeup company is another brand to look to for make makeup. We predict their revolutionary, inclusive approach to makeup beyond gender is the model other makeup companies will look to follow.

  Images via NOTE Cosmetics.

NOTE Cosmetics, an inclusive cosmetics company based out of Los Angeles shows off their male makeup from a millennial business professional as well as glamorous men looking for more beauty specific products.

How can I achieve this look?

If male makeup is new for you, try watching some tutorials about natural male makeup like this one from the company ASOS using gender-neutral brand, Myego.



A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd. The Millennial male is more confident and invested in appearance than ever before and this beauty expert thinks there will be rich music for years to come.

Tell us your thoughts about male makeup below!

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