making halloween more green

Making Halloween More Green

Last updated on: 2022


The beauty industry loves Halloween because of all of the crazy possibilities beauty lovers have with upping their makeup looks! But just how big has Halloween gotten as an industry? 69% of consumers have said they plan to celebrate Halloween this year with a record $10.6 billion expected to be grossed by the holiday. However, all of this spending for one day of the year can result in a lot of waste. There are so many ways we can encourage consumers toward making Halloween more green while still providing them the best products for their festivities.

Here’s how the beauty industry can inspire making Halloween more green!

making halloween more green

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Get the (Candy) Bag

Beauty lovers’ makeup looks are what we look forward to every year at Halloween, especially because of the level of detail these beauty lovers put into their looks. But details can come with a price — consumers are expected to spend close to $100 on costuming this year, and makeup can be a big part of that budget! Costume contact lenses continue to be a highly sought after product for makeup looks as beauty lovers take their talents to new heights each new Halloween season…but what happens to these costume contact lenses after the season is over? 750 million prescription contact lenses go down the drain every year; how many costume contact lenses could be hurting the environment?

making halloween more green

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A More Sustainable Spooky Season

With so many consumers thinking about new, creative costumes to wear every year, there’s tons of costume and makeup kits produced, packaged and shipped to stores — only to be used once and then thrown away after purchase! The amount of sustainably packaged beauty products produced by top brands gives consumers the opportunity to shop smarter this Halloween season. And as expected, social media continues to inspire most costumes, so leveraging TikTok with influencer tutorials on repurposing makeup in different ways, like for visual makeup and costume FX, could help consumers to conserve products. 

AI and AR on social media has always given us fun filters to play with every spooky season, but with more beauty brands using AI and AR for makeup try-on functions, consumers have a chance to try makeup looks directly on their face with apps like YouCam Makeup, encouraging them toward products more specific than a general makeup set created for a costume.

making halloween more green

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Making Halloween more green can be easy if we all do our part! And consumers seem to already be sustainably-minded; experts predict holiday spending to be down from November to December because of inflation, and consumers turning to discount retailers like thrift and consignment stores for costumes looks to confirm that trend. The beauty industry has a unique opportunity here to use its clean conscious culture to inspire making Halloween more green.

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