Why Your Brand Should Work with Local Influencers

Last updated on: 2022


Can local influencers be More Effective for your Marketing Strategy?

Many brands invest in digital influencers to reach their target audience, but some of them narrowly focus only on certain metrics, which can be a mistake. Before creating your marketing strategies, it is essential to analyze the brand’s services or products and how they relate to your consumers’ ages, tastes, routine, and preferred social media platforms (Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok).

How to choose a local influencer?

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The fact is the digital influencer may or may not be more effective for your marketing strategy depending on how the brand will use it. The company can’t relate its brand to a person that doesn’t use or has never talked about that type of product or service before. Hiring a makeup artist as a digital influencer to create reels, posts, or stories about cars can decrease the trust in both the brand and the influencer if this person has never posted anything related to this topic. It may also give the impression that they only recommend that service or product because they were paid for it.  

Followers. Are they important?

The answer is no. Everything is about engagement, and a digital influencer with 5,000 followers can have more engagement than a digital influencer with 1 million. Engagement is the perfect metric to know if people are organically interested in all that person posts or recommends.

Most people like to make a big purchase after watching or reading reviews and getting recommendations. So, investing in local digital influencers is a great choice to reach residents from your city or province. Moreover, local influencers live nearby and are easily seen on the streets, demonstrating even more relevancy to your business.

Avoid Controversy  

Being a reference in quality is the main point in building a trustworthy brand. One that everyone has a positive experience with, from services, products, or praising the customer service. It is essential to avoid controversial topics in interviews, articles on the website, press releases, and posts to help maintain your brand’s appearance. 

Regarding digital influencers, the company must research that individual to check if they are controversial and determine what kind of public attention that influencer attracts. 

Press Kits

To earn free media without paying sponsors, it is also possible to invest in digital influencers by sending good press kits for them with a sample of your products or a trial of your services.  

Although creating a nice press kit is not cheap, it can reflect positive results since the digital influencer you’ve sent the press kits can tag your brand in the authentic stories, posts, and reels they make about their experience. Many of them can even create formal reviews for their followers.

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Bruna Drummond