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As Told By: Leslie Barboza from Ardell Beauty

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Meet Leslie Barboza

Leslie Barboza is a senior brand manager at American International Industries who oversees Ardell Beauty and Ardell Lashes. She first got her start in the vitamin industry, a place where health and beauty go hand in hand. As a part of the marketing team who validated claims, Leslie’s role inspired her to learn more about the ingredient benefits in beauty products.

1. Who has inspired and supported you in your career?

All women! I’ve worked with so many smart and talented women whom I’ve looked up too and respected. They’ve inspired me to be a role model and a leader for the next generation.  

2. What does a typical day in your life look like?

Coffee, LA driving and the best coworkers. It’s always the people you work with that make you love your job. We all love bouncing ideas off each other, brainstorming and giving creative feedback.


3. Since Ardell Lashes has now become Ardell Beauty, what was the main inspiration to have the #1 selling Lash brand around the world extend into color cosmetics?

Most of our inspiration came from our lash looks and the women who wear them. We wanted a beauty line that inspires confidence and elegance. As lash and eye experts, we created colors that accentuates the eyes, brows that frame the face and nude to bold lips shades that compliment any eye look.

4. What is the creative process that goes into designing new lashes?

Trends usually start in the salons. We meet with our professional technicians to research the most asked for styles, innovative hair materials and listen to what the customers are asking for. We utilize that feedback at Ardell to make gorgeous professional lashes at an affordable price.

5. What is a piece of advice you could give to someone aspiring to make a name for themselves in the beauty industry?  

Leverage your strengths and know your weaknesses. You can’t be the best at everything, but your special talent will be a huge asset for someone else. Teamwork, collaboration and kindness is key in this industry.

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6. What’s one of the biggest challenges that you’ve overcome in your career?

The biggest challenge is keeping up with the social media trends — everything is so instant. Personally, I have so many social media platforms that it’s hard to keep up; it’s a full time job. I also suggest to bring in the pros… thank you Taylor & Pond for being that key resource for us!

7. Okay, we have to ask, what’s in your beauty bag?!

Of course Ardell! I love the Matte Whipped Lip Crème in Red My Mind, Kiehl’s Richly Hydrating Scented Hand Cream in Lavender, Hollywood Fashion Secrets Anti-Static Spray and a MAC Dazzleglass lip top coat.

Leslie Barboza

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