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LA Design Festival 2019 Recap + Design Trends

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Design serves to tell a story. This story serves to build brand awareness and drive user experiences. At a digital marketing agency, our goal is to always stay ahead of the latest trends and graphic design news. Taylor & Pond’s graphic design team recently got the chance to see and learn from the industry’s leading graphic artists at a four day design festival. Check out our team’s recap from the LA Design Festival 2019 featuring the best design trends below!

LA Design Festival

The main takeaways from the LA Design Festival 2019:

1. Think Holistically: There’s a ripple effect created from individual designs in the ‘Design Ecosystem’ and consequently into the rest of the world. Approach design from different perspectives and take inspiration from all different areas of design, photography, media, etc. regardless of what realm of design you work in. 

LA Design Festival LA Design Festival

2. Keep an Eco-Minded Approach: Create sustainable solutions for increasingly smaller spaces and growing populations. Incorporate this concept into your work through thoughtful consideration of the environmental impact of design creations in the digital space as well as the physical realm. Ask yourself, “How will my design work in the digital realm impact business and design in the physical realm? How can I design in the digital realm to promote and encourage eco-consciousness in the physical design space?”

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3. Create User Experiences: Consumers are increasingly interested in and influenced by experiences. Create (user) experiences (in the digital realm) that tell a story about the brand/product and developing core values that speak to the target audience. Designs that invoke an emotional response to a product, service or brand create engagement and brand loyalty.

LA Design Festival LA Design Festival

4. Less is More: Less lines on a vector illustration can leave a lot to the imagination or make you realize you didn’t need the extra fluff. We severely underestimated the audience’s ability to interpret. Don’t compromise quality for quantity. Remind clients (and yourself) to see the value in one great design as opposed to ten so-so pieces.

LA Design Festival LA Design Festival

5. Think Ahead: At the Dunn-Edwards 2020 Color + Design Trends exhibit, a predicted trend was the use of colors that resembled natural, earthy hues like deep blues, warm browns and a multiplicity of shades of green. Look forward to fusing the digital with the natural as this trend emerges. The theme was not one of nostalgia, as 2018 has proved to thrive on thus far, but rather one of thinking outside of the box. A push for new and exciting abstract design, high-contrasting colors and overall innovation is coming.

LA Design Festival LA Design Festival Creative Spaces

The best advice is to stand by your creations and design choices. As designers, we see the in and outs of the industry the best and know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all to design. Find your own individual style because, in such a competitive field, you can find yourself attempting to blend it. However, great design always stands out. 

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