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Keyword Research Tools for Your Beauty Brand’s Ad & SEO Strategy

Last updated on: 2019


When it comes to developing an ad strategy or SEO strategy for your beauty brand, the first and most critical step starts with keyword research. In order to correctly target your ads, you must first recognize what words are necessary to use so that your content will be seen. Keyword research is the starting point for both ads and SEO for two main reasons: 

  1. It gives you a starting place and direction while you are developing your strategy.  
  2. It provides a framework to measure performance. 

What is keyword research? 

First, let’s dive into what “keyword research” really is. Keyword research is a process where you can analyze the number of average searches per month for that keyword, its competitiveness, cost per click (CPC) and relevance. Even though the four variables are essential, search volume should be your first priority. Without search volume, it is impossible to create or expect traffic. Competitiveness and CPC give you an idea of how difficult and expensive it is to bid for that keyword. If one of the suggested keywords presents an anomaly, we would not recommend adding that keyword to your strategy. Relevance is another key factor when it comes to keyword research. Without significance, your content might not make sense to your audiences and people are less likely to click on your ad or content. 

Three keyword research tools to set your beauty brand’s ad strategy up for success:

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1. Google Keyword Planner: Keyword Planner is a free tool you can find inside of Google Ads. The tool displays average monthly searches, competition, ad impression share, top of page bid (low range) and top of page bid (high range). You can start by entering in your brand website, or searching for keywords that are relevant to your specific beauty brand. With this information, you can begin your keyword strategy, keeping an eye on anomalies and relevance to your business. 

2. Ubersuggest: Developed by the marketer Neil Patel, Ubersuggest is another free keyword research tool. Unlike Google Keyword Planner, the data has been processed and you can see the rate of difficulty it will be to rank for that keyword, whether organic or paid. On top of that, Ubersuggest suggests additional keywords based on the root of your keyword, as well as similar related keywords. This tool goes more in-depth in terms of keyword analysis and SEO content, but will complement what you have found on Google Keyword Planner. 

3. SEMrush: SEMrush offers a free 7-day trial to new users looking to try out the tool. If you want to track website performance, you will need to purchase one of its plans. Unlike the previous tools, SEMrush has even more processed data, based on different metrics created by the tool (e.g. the SEO score, authority score, trend, etc.) This tool was created for SEO professionals interested in improve rankings and traffic. In terms of keyword research, SEMrush shows volume, trend, keyword difficulty, CPC, level of competition, SERP features and results in SERP. 

Compare Results and Start Bidding!

In order to create the best keyword strategy for your paid campaign or SEO strategy, we highly recommend using all three tools and comparing results between each other. This will help direct the content of your website or app and save you time in the future when it comes to optimizing your campaign. Spend your time analyzing each of the variables and the domain authority of your competition. After hours of watching numbers, your keyword research tools will help you determine which keywords you will use to write your content and which ones to use when bidding for your paid campaign.

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