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As Told By: Keneisha McLean, Clean Beauty Influencer

Last updated on: 2020

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Meet Keneisha McLean!

Get ready to transform your makeup and skincare collection with clean beauty products! Keneisha McLean is a certified esthetician and beauty influencer using her platform to help encourage others to lead a healthier lifestyle with inclusive clean beauty products. Keep reading to learn more about Keneisha, how to transition into clean beauty, and skincare tips!

My name is: Keneisha McLean

My social handles are: @keneisha_mclean

Find my website at

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you first get your start in the beauty world? 

My love for the beauty and skincare started in my late teens to early adulthood. I suffered from breakouts as a teen, and my interests at that time were always about finding ways to combat acne. I made appointments with my dermatologist, who would prescribe cleansers or spot treatment for my concerns. This is where my passion grew stronger for wanting to learn more in-depth about the skin, how to care for my skin, and possibly help others as well. I took things a step further, where I pursued studies in this sector and became a certified esthetician with business management and marketing qualifications. My diverse background of being an esthetician and a sales/marketing professional for a culmination of 9 years, I’ve learned all aspects of the ever-changing skincare and beauty industry – from product knowledge, treatment, to makeup application to cultivating trust and building relationships.

Can you tell our readers more about your blog and how you got into clean beauty?  

My blog was started to document my journey with transitioning into the clean beauty industry. I had reached a point in my life where I was not feeling my best health-wise. I had digestive issues, and my skin became sensitive and reactive to certain products I used. That was the moment where I decided to switch my products and made changes in my overall lifestyle. has now become a “Wellness Lifestyle” platform to inspire and empower others to live on their terms in a healthy and happy way.

 What does a typical day in your life look like?

My routine is usually the same with little tweaks according to my schedule. In the mornings, first thing, I like to have a cup of tea and spread my bed to kick start my day. Then I jump into my emails workwise, following up with clients regarding their projects or orders. Influencer-wise, I check my socials, filter through direct messages, and try to maintain momentum by engaging with other influencers on my platform. I then filter through emails and follow up with brands. So, 90% of my day, most times, is spent tied to my laptop viewing emails and online. When I’m not online, I enjoy going for walks and runs. This just helps to keep me centered and create some form of balance away from the digital world.

Keneisha McLean

Courtesy // Keneisha McLean

 What advice do you have for someone looking to transition to clean beauty products?

Be patient with yourself and your journey. Take your time, do your research to ensure that certain products or brands are for you. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing because what might work for one person may not work for you. We all have different skin types, skin condition tolerance, and pH levels to our skin. Also, do feel pressure to do the switch all at once. It’s a learning curve, and I came up with an 80-20% rule for myself when I started. Try using 80% clean, natural, non-toxic, and 20% regular products to ease yourself in the switch.

 What are some of your favorite non-toxic and clean beauty brands?

I feel like I’m still figuring it out, and that changes when I try something new or discover a new brand that my skin loves. At the moment, I really like Youth To the People. Their kale cleanser is the holy grail, Herbivore, and Tata Harper’s resurfacing mask, One Love Organics, enzyme cleansing oil smells amazing and works wonders as a pre-cleanse.  For makeup I love Bite Beauty, it’s the first brand I tried when I switched over. Ilia Beauty, the first one that I found a foundation that matched my skin tones. Kosas for there quality lipsticks and shade range. Clove and Hallow, along with Spela, for their liquid lipstick.


Keneisha McLean

Do you have any beauty tips you can share with our readers? 

Pre-cleanse with a cleansing oil. A first step before using a cleanser. It’s a great habit to get into. It’s highly effective in removing debris from the skin while maintaining the moisture levels. It’s perfect for removing makeup as well. Second, less is more. It’s okay to have an extensive routine once a week, but sometimes you might just need two products for the day in your routine – Cleanser and moisturizer or just a simple facial steaming and moisturizer. Monitor your skin to see if minimal product is doable for you. Third, always apply a moisturizer and sunscreen. Two things that will help to slow the premature aging of the skin. 

Okay, we have to ask – what three products do you always keep in your makeup bag?

Great questions. I carry a lot of products in my handbag for those just in case moments. However, I’ll let you know the top three.

1) Always need a lip balm. I’ve been using Moroccan magic lip balm. It’s an Argan and essential oil ingredient brand that really keeps lips moisturized.

2) Hand cream, I’m currently using a travel size of the Beneath Your Mask heal whipped skin souffle. So amazing for hydrating dry skin.

3) Mascara, W3LL People expressionist volumizing mascara does exactly what the name states. It really enhances your lashes and emphasizes your eyes.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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