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How K-Beauty Can Be About Makeup, Not Just Skincare

Last updated on: 2018


Can K-Beauty Be About More Than Just Skincare?

What do you think of when you hear K-Beauty? A multi-step skincare regimen and a sheet mask to get glowing skin? That might be true when you look at what’s trending in the US beauty industry; however, you might be surprised to find that K-Beauty is more than just about skin care – K-Beauty makeup trends are on the rise!

Many individuals, even beauty professionals, only associate K-Beauty with skincare. Nevertheless, K-Beauty includes all beauty trends and products that originate from South Korea, which means it can be both skincare and makeup! As more and more beauty brands in the US are becoming K-Beauty inspired, it’s important to have a complete understanding on every aspect of K-Beauty to promote the brand in the right way.

As a marketing professional in the beauty industry, it’s essential to look at the trending makeup styles of K-Beauty in order to fully grasp the idea of “K-Beauty inspired”. Keep reading through to learn what K-Beauty makeup is all about.

K-Beauty Natural and Dewy Makeup

By looking at how much skincare is emphasized by the beauty-lovers in Korea, it’s not hard to imagine that they are in love with glowing skin and natural, dewy makeup. It won’t be misleading to say that K-Beauty lovers put efforts into their skincare routines, hoping to achieve that natural, yet stunning makeup look along with a clear, beautiful skin. Even though K-Beauty is a bit far from glamorous makeup with cut-crease and heavy contouring, K-Beauty makeup trends are loved by makeup lovers who look for more of a daily, natural makeup routine.

Different from No-Makeup Makeup Looks

If you think of natural and dewy makeup, you might think that K-Beauty makeup is all about no-makeup makeup looks that only require minimal amount of makeup products – tinted moisturizer, brow, and possibly a lip balm. However, K-Beauty lovers would go above and beyond the no-makeup looks to create that natural look.

For instance, the K-Beauty inspired natural makeup routine would consist of everything from a foundation and an eyeshadow palette to a heavily-pigmented lipstick. K-Beauty lovers attempt to achieve a stunning look, yet still manage to look natural by layering the foundation, blending the eye shadows, smudging the lipsticks and more!

Use of Bright and Vivid Colors in K-Beauty Makeup

While K-Beauty lovers focus on having their makeup as natural as possible, there is also a makeup trend that uses bright and vivid colors to brighten up their looks. To achieve these looks, vibrant colored blush and lip stains are used in order to keep the complexion youthful and fresh.

Interested in learning more about K-Beauty?

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While skincare is definitely a major trend in K-Beauty, we can expect K-Beauty inspired makeup trends to have have a bigger impact in the future as more people pay attention to what’s happening in the K-Beauty arena.

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