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How These K-Beauty Brands Grew Their Social Media Presence

Last updated on: 2018


Growing a social media presence is challenging, but many of the K-Beauty brands have successfully won over an enormous number of followers in the digital space. Here is how these K-Beauty brands have grown their social media presence both in the U.S. and Korea, whether it’s through their overall social media voice or visuals.

K-Beauty Strategy: Natural and Organic

As more and more beauty fanatics are falling in love with the natural and organic cosmetic products, K-Beauty brands including Innisfree, Skinfood and Mamonde have embraced the ideas of “going green” and “loving nature”. If you’re in need of inspiration for natural and organic vibes, you must take a close look at their overall strategies. From marketing campaigns and packaging designs to creative visuals on social media, these brands have made cohesive and consistent statements throughout their branding initiatives.

What’s interesting for Innisfree is that the company uses the two separate Instagram profiles for the global audience (@innisfreeofficial) and for the US audience (@innisfreeusa). These profiles demonstrate distinctive characteristics that specifically target the right demographics in each audience. Skinfood focuses on product development based on their food philosophy — like this avocado lip balm, which has a direct impact on their overall brand voice. Last but not least, Mamonde completely takes on the floral and greenery theme on Instagram, acting as a great visual inspiration brand.

K-Beauty Strategy: 

Cute and Lovely

We would describe K-Beauty makeup trends to be glowing, natural, and what else? Cute and lovely! That’s why it’s important to keep up with the brands that bring out the cute and lovely aspects of K-Beauty. One of the brands that best represent K-Beauty in this aspect would be Holika Holika. Despite their relatively lower brand awareness in the United States, their Instagram feed will be your go-to for inspiration. Through the use of a bright and pastel color scheme, Holika Holika certainly makes the products look even more attractive and interesting.

Another lovely K-Beauty brand to follow would be Etude House. Etude House has been around for a long time, but still keeps the overall brand image trendy and stylish. The brand’s social media will provide an ample amount of inspiration for feminine and adorable creative aesthetics.

K-Beauty Strategy: 

Chic and Edgy

By now, you might think K-Beauty would only provide great insights into cutsey aesthetics. However, you also have to see how K-Beauty magically turns their brands chic and edgy! Clio and Hera have successfully kept their brand image classy with darker backgrounds and clean, sharp graphics. With sleek product packaging and the chic, trendy look of its social media feed, Clio has worked its way up as the perfect K-Beauty brand for those who are on the edgier side.

Additionally, you’ll definitely regret not knowing about Hera, a Korean makeup brand that offers high quality products for elegant and classic looks. Hera’s Instagram feed is full of creative assets and fierce flat lays, which will instantly capture your eyes.

Each K-Beauty brand has its own unique theme that carries out the right brand message to increase the number of followers. Which your favorite?

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