New This Week Instagram overlay stickers

New This Week: How to Use Instagram Overlay Stickers

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In case you haven’t noticed, the latest IG editing trend is making photos a lot more fun and personable! ‘Grammers everywhere are starting to add Instagram overlay stickers to their photos to make them stand out. After the rise of popularity in IG story stickers, stickers have translated over to Instagram feeds as influencers, businesses and beauty brands alike hop on this popular trend. From rainbows to hand-drawn doodles, these overlay stickers can add more color, fun and a pop of personality to your Instagram photos. So, how are they being used on the Instagram community? Keep reading to find out!

Instagram Overlays from Lifestyle Brands + Influencers

Instagram Overlay Stickers

Photos via @thecreativestickerpack, @latermedia and @adesignkit

Lifestyle brands and influencers have been killing the Instagram sticker trend! Sticker packs with colorful painted shapes have been flooding our feeds and hand-drawn doodles add a little extra flair to IG photos. Plus, apps like A Design Kit offer a selection of fun stickers to bring your photos to life!

Instagram Overlays in the Beauty Industry

Instagram Overlay Stickers

Photos via @conscious_bee, @glossier and @thegreenbelle

Instagram overlay stickers are becoming even more popular in the beauty world too. Beauty influencers are adding more pop to their feeds with beauty product stickers on top of tutorials and fun shapes to show off skincare products. Brands like Glossier are coming up with fresh and creative ways for users to interact with products, such as using lip swatches as Instagram stickers.

How to Add Instagram Overlay Stickers to Your Photos

1. Sticker Packs

What’s the easiest way to add overlay stickers? Pre-made sticker packs! Lifestyle influencer Mallory on the Moon is well-known for adding colorful rainbow shapes on her photos. She created @thecreativestickerpack and now sells three versions of rainbow, text and creative sticker packs for followers to purchase.


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Later Media also recently hopped on the IG sticker trend, coming up with 10 free downloadable stickers with 52 style variations, including doodles, stars, constellations and flower designs. Find out the simple step-by-step instructions on how to upload the stickers to your Instagram photos.


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2. Instagram Editing Apps

Another easy way to add stickers on-the-go is with Instagram editing apps. A Design Kit is one of my personal favorites and allows you to draw realistic textures or colors in just a few swipes. Created by the makers of A Beautiful Mess and A Color Story, the app lets you add simple designs, brushes, text and stickers to your photos, anywhere and any time.


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3. Adobe Programs

If you’re more advanced with your technical skills, you can play around with stickers in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Using Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Sketch, you can use a range of brush tools to create textured, paint-like strokes or create your own stickers from scratch.

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