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New This Week: Instagram Creator Updates 2019

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Instagram New Creator Updates 2019

Shop til you drop… or your fingers hurt. During Facebook’s annual F8 Conference, tech experts got a sneak peak at Facebook and Instagram’s newest features. Here are the major Instagram creator updates coming to Instagram in 2019 to keep your eye on as they roll out in the next few months. 

What are the most important new features coming to Instagram in 2019?

A New Way to Influence

Should you go full creator mode? Similar to business profiles, Instagram designed a “creator profile” feature. Both profiles will still have the same insight metrics, but creators will have access to follow/unfollow data, more DM filter options for prioritizing brands and friends and a profile setting that lists their preferred method of contact. This will allow brands to get better, more direct communication with influencers.

Additionally, creators will have access to a desktop version of Instagram’s ‘Creator Studio’ where they can access pretty much everything the app has to offer. Managing posts, exploring insights and even checking messages and DMs, all from the comfort of a desktop screen.

The bad news? Instagram creator profiles aren’t connected to API, which basically means you can’t schedule posts automatically or use any outside analytic tools.

Depending on how you use your profile, it’s definitely something influencers should keep their eye on as more info becomes available. Streamlining communication with companies and a simpler, wider interface, may be the answer to a beauty influencer’s prayers.

Instagram Creator Updates

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Cha Ching, Let that Instagram Explore Page Ring!

You’re scrolling through your feed and suddenly stop when you notice a bright-eye makeup look you’re dying to recreate. They tag the brand in the comments, but now you need to spend the extra time to redirect yourself to that brand’s page and search for the product.

How about a way you can tap on her eye, go to a product info page, press a button and get it shipped to your house without leaving the app?

Instagram is testing out a new shopping tag that will allow any influencer, celebrity or artist to tag a product (clothing, beauty, lifestyle, etc.) in their photos or videos.

This is huge for influencer marketing!

Currently, influencers can only use the swipe up or link in bio feature on IG which doesn’t show metrics for how much direct revenue they brought to the brand. So this naturally begs the question as to influencer prices. Will influencers, celebrities, athletes, etc. start charging more for a sponsored post? Only time will tell, but it’s smart for a brand to get prepared for the next level of marketing because of these Instagram creator updates. 

Instagram Creator Updates

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Tap and Pass Along

Along with these major creator features, a few tweaks to the app are also being tested, including a Instagram story donation sticker. Once placed, followers can contribute directly to a nonprofit organization. After the 24 hour story limit, posters will be able to see how much money was raised.

Instagram Creator Updates

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It Isn’t About Likes

It’s still being tested on some Canadian profiles, but the buzz has already been swirling about Instagram only allowing those who posted to see the amount of likes a post gets. Followers can still see who liked the photo, but the physical number won’t be seen.

Forever on Do Not Disturb

Social media bullying has been an epidemic since its creation. Instagram is taking a stab at prevention with its new “Away Mode”. This will allow users to take a mental break from social media and pause any notifications or activity while they are going through a life event. Another feature discussed during the convention was a “nudge” feature that would recognize a negative comment before its posted, in order to deter the commenter from posting. This extra step, they’re hoping, will decrease the likelihood of a negative comment.

Instagram Creator Updates

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Anyone will be able to create their own IG filters with Facebook’s newest Spark AR Studio. This software is already available to brands and designers, but they are now opening it to the public. Basically, any brand or company can customize an Instagram filter and upload it. It may sound complicated, but Facebook assures its a simple way to engage with clients. Kylie Cosmetics has even used the tool to create a filter that allows users to “try on” her lip kits before it launches. Sounds like a strong marketing strategy for beauty lovers!

These Instagram creator updates are still in testing and will begin to roll out this year. Keep refreshing your profile to see when these changes can affect your profile, but for now make sure to follow Digital Beauty HQ on Instagram to keep up with the new updates!

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