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New This Week: Instagram Adds IGTV on Instagram Feed

Last updated on: 2019


Get ready, Instagram lovers… IGTV is now coming to your feed! While the long-form video feature has been available both within Instagram and on its own dedicated app since last June, now users can elect to share an IGTV preview to their main feeds. It’s a smart move on Instagram’s part to help drive up IGTV’s popularity and easier access to videos.

The new feature is all about making it even easier to discover and watch the latest video content from your favorite follows”, a representative of Instagram told Variety.

Already posting content to IGTV? Here’s how to add IGTV previews on your Instagram feed:


  1. After creating your latest IGTV video, you’ll be prompted with a final screen in which you title and describe your post. Underneath that you can choose to “Post a Preview” of your video simply by toggling the switch. If you decide not to use the feature, make sure you’re certain, because there isn’t an option to go back and post a preview once your video has been uploaded.

IGTV on Instagram Feed

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  1. Posting a preview will share your video both on your feed and Instagram profile. You can choose the image that you would like to appear in your Instagram grid by selecting Edit Cover. Instagram allows for total customization of the thumbnail, including direct uploads from your camera roll. The video’s title will appear as the caption, but this can be re-edited at any time. The post will then go live to your followers’ feeds as a 1-minute trailer and appear on your profile with a IGTV icon in the corner, similar to other video and carousel posts.

IGTV on Instagram Feed

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  1. Past the 1 minute trailer, your followers have the option to watch the full video by tapping over to the IGTV application. This is a great way of increasing views for you videos and keeping all your content in one place! However, if you ever decide to remove the preview, your video will still stay on your IGTV channel.

What do you think of IGTV and the new preview feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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