Instagram Close Friends Feature

New This Week: How to Use the Instagram Close Friends Feature for Business

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In the past, Instagram Stories have always had to be seen by all followers (unless they’re part of a direct message). Now, this is no longer the case due to a new update on Instagram!

Instagram recently announced a new feature called “Close Friends” that allows you to send private stories with a select group of people.

Now you can make a close friends list on Stories to share with just the people that you’ve added. This new feature gives you the opportunity to share more personal moments with a smaller group that can choose.

How do I add friends to my “Close Friends” list?

1. Go to your Profile page. You can get here by tapping the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

2. Tap the three lines icon in the top right corner of your screen.

3. Tap “Close Friends”. Tap “Add” next to the usernames of people that you would like to add to your list, or “Search” to search for a specific friend.

4. Once you’re finished adding users, tap “Done”. Keep in mind that you can update this list at any time, and the users will not be notified when they are added or removed.

Instagram Close Friends Feature

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How do I share an Instagram Story only to my “Close Friends” list?

Once you’re ready to starting sharing Stories, here’s how to share it with your Close Friends only.

1. Tap the green circle with a white star inside. This will take you to your “Close Friends” list.

2. Select which Close Friends to include. Instagram will automatically give you suggestions based on the accounts that you interact with the most.

3. Post your Story! Whenever you want to post a story with Close Friends, just tap the green circle. Instead of the usual purple color, Close Friends will now see a green ring around your story.

Instagram Close Friends Feature

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How can I use the “Close Friends” feature for my business?

As the “Close Friends” feature just rolled out a few days, we are excited to see how businesses will be using it!

It’s easy to imagine brands using the feature to create VIP lists, fan clubs or paid subscribers where users can opt in to receive additional posts and exclusive content. For example, if your beauty brand has a new product launch coming out or wants to host a sale for VIP members, the new Close Friends feature could be a great way to spread the word to a specific group of people.

If you’re a brand that works with influencers for specific Instagram campaigns, you can create a Close Friends list for them to easily share posts that would interest or involve them.

Instagram has yet to announce any special tools to help publishers manager these lists, but it’s likely that more updates will be implemented to help businesses utilize the feature more strategically as well.

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